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From Zero to $3,000 in 30 Days

The other day, my friend Hawt Arun posted a link to a webinar a fellow markerter, Liz Tomey had posted.


I have followed Liz for a number of years & purchased a course from her that I sadly never did anything with, because the scared/fear popped up!


Anyway, I was looking over her catalog and one caught my eye. Even though the date of the training was listed as ending February 12th, the links were still live so tried it. Got to the checkout & received an error message!


So I contacted her support team to see if it indeed was STILL open, as it was late & it was probably on me as I probably chose the wrong payment card.


With it being the 4th of July weekend, I knew it would be a few days before I heard back. I finally did on Wednesday and they confirmed it was indeed still open! So when I got home last night, I tried it again and it worked!


I’m in!


The course is $3K in 30 Days! I’ve done some calculations based on my current situation with roommates and what I estimate my future when I get out on my own. Eventually I’ll be quitting my job once I’m solid, so everything was based on what I need from my online business. So while I’m in my roommates, my online earnings will go towards creating my savings cushion for when I do quit my job.


What this is, is an ongoing coaching/challenge.


Each day we will receive a lesson. Depending on my work schedule, it may take me a few days to get through the homework.


This is a foundation to build a REAL business upon, having someone you KNOW is walking the talk is 1,000,000% necessary!


I’m going to do my BEST to not fall into the WSO trap for at least the next 30-ish days. Now if there is PLR related to my niche I can use, yes. Also one of the groups I’m in, the owner puts out products from time to time. Now if he puts out something I can use, then yes I’ll purchase, as he only has them up for a few days.


I have spent WAY too much over the years with nothing to show for it, so definitely need to earn that money back as well as get going on solidifying my future.


I want to be in charge. If I want to take a spontaneous trip tomorrow, to be able to do it. If I want to take tomorrow off and enjoy the weather be able to do it, without it going “against me” as an absence causing you to be written up for too many.


Let’s get going!


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