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Whats Stopping You

Your Store Is Closing

I remember hearing those words almost 6 years ago when I  was working at JCPenney. I was scheduled to be off that day but received a phone call the night before that we were having a meeting. Brian didn’t say what it was about, but I knew the day was here.


The rumors had been going on for a good bit, and my heart knew that was the confirmation.


Ron Johnson was still CEO at the time and he had used our store as the testing ground for the shops’ concept that he was creating. So what was once a 3-floor department store, quickly shrank to one floor (plus the hair salon on the 2nd floor).


Some of the ladies who worked on the 2nd floor indicated that the construction guys told them when the testing started, that the store would be closing. When they took the other two floors, it felt like we wouldn’t be able to survive much longer. The mall was barely hanging on as it was. A family of investors purchased the mall and they’re supposed to be re-configuring it into something that will bring people back.


While we had a few months before the day arrived, but it was still hard. I didn’t apply for anything until after the store closed. Luckily my unemployment was short-lived as I was hired a few weeks later.


At my current J.O.B., we received a new CEO a few months back, he had been with The Home Depot and most recently, JCPenney after Mr. Johnson was relieved of his CEO duties and he’s not afraid to make the necessary changes and the biggest one took place this week. 51 stores are closing, with the majority being in Canada.


While my store is NOT affected, for now, it does light the fire to hit my financial goals, because you never know what they’re looking at and WHEN they’ll make the next round of closures. My goal is to not have to rely on a J.O.B. to make ends meet. To be able to be in control of all areas of my life.


Control of how much I make a day, a month, a year. To be in control when I need to finance something. To have a “secret” where I don’t NEED their financing, that I can pay cash if I want!


I’ve added another training to my plan, it’s by Liz Tomey and it’s the one she said that she should have started us on. It’s the building of our Passive Income foundation to a $12K A Month Passive Income. It’s a 5-day training beginning on Monday.


The one she did last week was on Passive Income Membership Sites so I’ll plug that in after I finish this training.


If you recall from the beginning, our goal as a group is to get everyone to their first $10,000 a month. So this is part of our mission. And we can take this and get the stream to at least $1,000 and either focus on growing that or add a new stream the following month.


Here is what we have on deck!


Day 1: Getting Started With Your Passive Income Machine, this is where we learn how to pick the best niches.


Day 2: Picking Your First $1,000 A Month Passive Income Stream


Day 3: Building Your Passive Income Machine Foundation, this is on building a strong foundation


Day 4: Creating Your $12K A Month Passive Income Battle Plan after we get our first one set up and making money, this is where we’ll be setting up our future ones each month so that we’ll have out minimum goals.


Day 5: How To Run Your Passive Income Machine To Keep It Pumping Out The Income. This is where we’ll learn what we need to do in order to keep our Passive Income Machines running!


Finishing Up Quarter 4 2018 and Starting Quarter 1 2019


I decided to end Quarter 4 early and start on Quarter 1 2019. I didn’t realize it until after I made the change, that by doing this aligns with my May 10th goal.


My first goal is to get to where my current income is covered. Then go from there!


I’ll finish this week in my current journal and then begin the next 6 months on the 19th.


I’ll work a bit more this week on getting it set up and get caught up a bit more on some training.



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