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Welcome To My Passive Income Journey

Welcome to my journey to create a passive income in my online business.

A few weeks ago my mentor/friend Liz Tomey posted about a new
journey she was about to embark on.

She has been extremely successful for over 14 years in various
aspects of the online business world, but has decided that it’s
time to go down a different road.

That road is…true Passive Income. The true to be able to quit
your job and be free road.

So she’s taking a group of us along on this journey. The goal
being to get all of us to at least $10,000 a month passive

Our first foundation is a product from my mentor/friend Lee
Murray Funnel World. He’s been in the online arena for over 10
years and also has been very successful.

Obviously since Funnel World is a paid product I won’t be able to
divulge trade secrets, but the plan is to update the journey. I
haven’t decided how often, but at least once a week.

Liz is also going to teach us other methods of making Passive
Income along the way. And Lee is going to do some other training
to help us along.

The goal is that no one will be left behind. We’ll all get there
at our own pace, but whatever Liz has up her sleeves will be to
help all of us reach & exceed this goal.

I want to build on it by creating my own training to help people
do what I’ve done. So I hope you join me when I get that going!

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to being able to help
you in your journey as well!

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