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Weekend Update 10.06

I survived the first two weeks by myself. Orders were steady all week and luckily I didn’t have a million and a half BIG orders!


They are going to go with 2 PTers to fill the position. Previously, they were going to add a PTer so we would have someone in the evening to help with orders that came in or when folks came to pick up their orders.


Hopefully they will work out!


Getting Fit

Back in 1999, I started doing TaeBo and lost a lot of weight over 9 months. Unfortunately, life came back and I never got back into my workout groove. So the weight came back and I’ve been gaining and losing the same few pounds the last few years.


But I’m determined to hit my 50th birthday looking and feeling better than I did when I lost that weight as well as when I was active in dance and gymnastics.


So I have a bit over a year to get this done. When I lost my weight before, it was 75 pounds in 9 months.


I’m not worried about a particular number on the scale, but more about how I feel and look. Also, my first time it was pure cardio. This time around, I’m incorporating cardio with weights so I’m aiming to look even better this time around.


I think I might have FINALLY found my soulmate weight workout. Joel Freeman created a workout called LIIFT 4 and it’s finally available on the Beachbody app. They had an early access option a few months ago but not sure if I’d like it I didn’t pay the extra for it.


The B4 the LIIFT are 20 minute workouts to get you introduced to the program. It’s not required, but I decided to give it a spin.


Now, I didn’t spell LIIFT wrong in case you’re wondering! It’s for Lift (obviously) and then the HIIT (HIgh InTensity) cardio that’s included in the regular workouts. And the 4, is because you do the workout 4 days a week so you can do whatever you want on the rest days. ca


I really liked the workouts I did this week so look forward to the longer versions. I was tempted to buy some 12s this week, but decided to wait a bit. He only gives a few seconds between exercises, so I’m trying to figure out if I should stick with free weights or go with Bowflex. And these weights are quite expensive! The cheapest I found 12s for were $28 and that would take a week or so to get to me. I think I found one for about $33 that would get to me in a few days.


But I’m going to do some further searching to see what dealios I can find out there. I still need to get a regular sized computer so I can print and such. This one doesn’t have a lot of room so even if I purchased a wireless one, I might now have enough room.


In January, ShaunTs latest will have early access. Right now the test group is going. One of my friends who is very successful with the Beachbody coaching program is in the test group. She won’t be able to discuss anything about it for a few more weeks. But from what I’ve seen in the teaser videos, is that the workouts are aimed at around 20 minutes and there’s some sort of board you have to use for the workouts.


The LIIFT 4 workouts will take me through November 25th provided I continue to enjoy and stick to the workouts. With those who did the early access, Joel created a Hybird to carry those who wanted to wait for the official release through. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not when I finish.


While I’m not looking at a particular number on the scale, I’d love to lose the equivalent of 20-25 pounds this first round. Whether that be weight or a combination of that and muscle making me look like I’ve lost that much.




I really need to get back with the focus I had a few weeks back. I have to get caught up with QSC Week 3 in addition to Week 4. I got stuck on my freebie and I think I finally know what to offer.


I finally decided on my niche for The Freedom Fix, so now I have to do my WordPress Install based on Week 4 Building lesson.


And next week I’ll be 8-5 so I’m hoping that will translate to a focused week!  Then I’ll be my regular mids and then see what the next schedule will be.


Tiffany has been offering some free help this week. People were able to send her questions and she would answer them. One of them was about SOS. She is one who consistently uses what she purchases. So if she buys something whether it’s course, PLR or everything in-between, she doesn’t let it go to waste. She will organize the PLR and put it to use or start digging into the course, even if she only gives it 10 minutes a day.


That was her challenge to us. You buy something, start working on it, even if you only give it 10 minutes. Buy something else 30 seconds later or the next day, then you have to dedicate 20 minutes (10 minutes to both) and keep going until you get through it all.


That is what I’m going to ask myself each time I want to buy something. And that’s an IMMEDIATE 10 minutes. Not 10 minutes in an hour, tomorrow, a week or month from now, but you confirm pay, access your training and work on it for at least 10 minutes right then and there!


Even though they were purchased prior to this butt-kicking, I’m going to apply this 10  minutes to a few WSOs I have.

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