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Distance between dreams and reality

Week 1 Check In Part 2

Wednesday February 8th

I didn’t get to bed as early as I had hoped last night, so paid for it today.

Tomorrow I’m going to start going through the steps. I’m also going to be going through Tiffany’s Affiliate training for additional tips & tricks.

I’ll also be going through Erica’s Azon training and utilizing Tiffany’s other training.

While I was getting ready to get started on the set up, I realized that with this being my first round, I may hit the jackpot and hit six figures within 3 months. But with the investments I’ll be going through, about 60 days is the magic number.

So I’m going to allow the time necessary to build up everything.

Whether I get to six figures by 08.24 or it takes me until 12.31 or beyond, I’ll still have earned in this year, more than the zeroes I have been in the past.

Thursday February 9th

It was a slow start to the evening. I spent a bit too long on Facebook :(.

I went to clear out my email that went to my Inbox due to not already being filtered OR them creating a “new list(s)”.

I checked out the emails from my friend Arun saw that one of the Copywriters I’ve followed for a few years, had a product out. So I had a few dollars and purchased it.

I had another email to clear out, and checked out a couple of the filtered email addresses and saw that there was a Goal Setting Challenge by Natale MacNeil and Entrepreneur Magazine. So signed up for that and checked it out.

I got started on the first steps of executing Sojourn’s Simple 60 Blogging.

Tomorrow I’ll continue the drill down process.

Friday February 10th

Didn’t get anything done tonight. Last night proved I can’t go to bed too early! I ended up oversleeping today! And still took in a nap 🙁

I printed out the first 3 weeks of The Goal Standard Challenge and plan on starting it tomorrow.

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  1. I’m following your journey and rooting you on!

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