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Distance between dreams and reality

Week 1 Check In Part 1

I plan on posting weekly a check-in to see how the week went. Progress made and all that good stuff!

Week 1 runs Saturday February 4th through Friday February 10th.

Saturday February 4th

I apparently was beat and slept for several hours but did NOTHING after I got up as I got sucked into Facebook

Sunday February 5th
While I did not nap, I still didn’t do anything. I had signed up for a webinar but did not attend. It was set for 7, which not thinking, was just a few moments after I would normally get home because of the Sunday bus schedule.

But sadly did not do anything again other than begin a blog post.

Monday February 6th

Today I’m off. I let myself sleep in until 10.

Got up and moving. I only did Facebook for birthdays & acknowledging a couple of posts that were in my timeline.

Laid out the goals I want to achieve this first 100 days and put them in my planner.

I finished my 100 days blog post and started on my Week 1 Check in blog post.

I have not turned on Hulu for background noise, I have music playing.

After about 90 minutes or so, got up to make something to eat. Since I didn’t have anything already prepared, had to cook.

So made a delicious but simple dish…Black Beans with Rice and Peppers! YUM!

Because I am very bad about getting sucked into Facebook article after Facebook article, I set my timer for 60 minutes. Ate caught up on some Facebook posts, watched a video for the challenge in one of the groups I’m in & finished with 10 minutes to spare!

My food was cool enough to transfer dishes, so transferred to a bowl and washed the rest of my dishes up. Tied up a few loose ends and onto the next task!

The next 30 Day Earn Your First Dollar Challenge is coming up soon. Ed has recorded a couple of episodes & I listened to the Intro & John Reese’s Interview today.

Then took an hour and half nap. I did it in 30 minute increments but because I didn’t fart the day away, I was fine with it.

I got into some posts on Facebook then ate.

Then got back to Sojourn’s Simple 60 Blogging course.

Tuesday February 7th

Today wasn’t as focused as yesterday but still did more than I have in the past!

I finished Sojourn’s Simple 60 Blogging, in it she mentioned one of her other courses, PinPlosion. So I went to see if there had been any updates since the original release.

There had not been, so I went to the thread to see if any updated conversations on tips and tricks. In doing that, I noticed that a long time WFer had re-released some of his WSOs and updated them.

I had a feeling to keep checking for one that was not on the 1st page. I came across his re-released Ready FIRE Aim. I have a couple of “Shiny Object” Trainings and this is the best!

It’s not a stop buying or a buy haphazardly training, but how to evaluate how it fits into one of your 7 Areas of your business foundation and if not, is there still an advantage to purchasing it?

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