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Distance between dreams and reality

Week 1 Check In Part 1

I plan on posting weekly a check-in to see how the week went. Progress made and all that good stuff! Week 1 runs Saturday February 4th through Friday February 10th. Saturday February 4th I apparently was beat and slept for several hours but did NOTHING after I got up as I got sucked into Facebook […]

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331 Days

From February 4th through December 31st, there are 331 days left in 2017. While that sounds like a long time it really isn’t, especially if you are farting the days away! Whether you set your goals as 12 months, 6 months, 90 days, 30 days or any format inbetween, if you don’t do what you […]

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Getting Focused

This week was getting better! I still had a few naps but did my work this week.   I’m really learning a lot with the Mastery Training! Things you never thought about or realized! And it all makes so much sense! I’m just about halfway through that training.   I still need to decide on […]

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