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October 27th, 2017 by editor

Have to get and stay on track this week!


One of my friends/mentors, Liz is set out to help people start their online businesses with a Business in a Box formula. Now through the end of the year (at least), she’s setting these up for us AND teaching us how to run them.


I don’t know what the others will be but may also look into those.


I still need to finish her $3K in 30 Days course.


She has businesses in over 22 niches and has been around since 2004, I can’t recall how long it’s been since I first saw her.  But I know she’s legit and I look forward to having several SOLID businesses myself over the next 18-24 months!


The mid-shifts hurt me this week. I spent way too much time on the last lesson for the Azon coaching. But finally found a couple of videos for the posts.


My body needed a rest this week, so I didn’t do my consistency with my workouts. But we’ll get back on track!


I purchased a WSO that looked like a way to get $20 or so a day. It’s something that I actually purchased months ago and never got around to. It’s not from the same vendor, but it’s the same dealio.


So I’m going to get that started. Even if I only do it on my off days, that will still be $160 a month.


Thursday marked 60 days to Christmas and 100 for my personal challenge. But it’s still PLENTY of time to get these goals crushed by Christmas!


Hate timed tests! I lost track of how much time I was taking so made a couple of mistakes on the test so have to retake it! But I’ll do that tomorrow!

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October 20th, 2017 by editor

As some of you may remember, one of my goals is to also lose weight over this time.


I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself until the end, but I’m feeling weight loss so had to take a peeksie!


Down 4.4 & that was with a couple of bad days & not being 100% on my water!


So I’m aiming to stay on program and hit my water every day!


At that track, I’d be 15-20 or so down by the end of the 100 days, I want aim for 25-30 down! I had wanted a 48 by 48 but unless I up that loss, I’ll miss it!


They say you should lose 1-1.5 a week, so even with the off program days, I still hit where I should.


Now to do even better!


This week wasn’t as productive as I had planned. A few things took a lot longer than I had planned but we’ll get going next week!


I still have a bit over 60 days on the 100 DC and 105 on my Feb 2nd challenge. So still PLENTY of time to CRUSH these goals!

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October 15th, 2017 by editor

This week didn’t go quite as planned. I had hoped to get further along but  that didn’t happen.


I allowed myself to sleep in later than planned and when I opened I allowed myself to nap to long, causing me to half-ass my work.


I have 69 days left in the #100DaysWithET and 109 with my February 2nd Challenge.


I’m doing a fresh start for this balance. I need be and stay focused and no longer “barely” get things done.


I need to make sure that I’m not sleeping my time away. I need to make sure that I’m focused on the JOB at hand.


I can allow myself to rest but need to be sure that I’m not sleeping the time away. I have too much to create a base to do that.


The rest of this week,  I have 2 opens and 2 closes, then off.


I didn’t get a chance to work on my designs so even if I don’t get to them until Friday, I HAVE to get some started this week!


My friend Andy released another WSO last week that I picked up. It’s something evergreen so it’ll be a great addition to my arsenal. It can be easily outsourced so as I have time I’ll go through the WSO and see how to work that in.


I’m very glad I was able to get into Erica’s coaching. It’s helping me to have the feedback and tips.


I’m doing better than I felt I was, so that’s encouraging. And it will only get better as time goes on!

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October 7th, 2017 by editor

This week the focus was to get my ETSY shop up & running. Let’s see how it went!


I didn’t take very good notes this week so  no good details!


I didn’t get to anything ETSY, but did work on AWAI.


Erica’s coaching starts this weekend so I’m excited for that!


With me opening & a mid, my water has been around 100 ounces, but I’m happy with that! Still doing more than many days when I would get a soda I could guzzle down in SECONDS it seemed!


I’m off this weekend, so hope to get a lot done! The next 2 weeks will have 2 openings & 3 closings.


Hopefully next weeks updates will be better!

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September 30th, 2017 by editor

The week went by quickly!


I had planned on putting my OT into savings, however, a chance to learn copywriting came & I had to jump in!


It’s through AWAI, I tried to go through the at home program years ago, but didn’t have the focus to study. It’s an accelerated course aiming to get you through in 10 weeks, but of course you go at your own pace.


But I have a cushion set up to give me time to get ETSY up & running! But following Lila’s advice I know I will be fine!


I’m doing really well with my water! Wednesday & Thursday I was off & in the past, off days were the WORST for me as far as water. Most days it wasn’t the coffee, I just sucked at getting even 64 ounces in. But I did well both days & got my 128 in! Just hope my bladder gets use to it real soon!


I’m feeling changes but have not gotten on the scale yet! I want to give it a bit more time, preferably not until the end of the 100 days.


I have to close this weekend then I’ll have a mid & some opens. So that will give me more time without having to rush. And I get to see how the changes are affecting me when I open.


Many times when I’m off, I’ll sleep until 9 or 10, sometimes 11. Then I’ll get into Facebook for this story & that story or might end up at YouTube on some other nonsense.


Next thing I know it’s 2 or 3 in the afternoon & I haven’t done A THING YET I’m tired. Wednesday I DID allow myself to sleep in until 10 but I was NEVER tired at all! On Thursday I got up about 8 & even though a little tiredness set in, I never laid down. I was finishing up some reading & said that if I wanted to I could lay down when I finished. That bit of tiredness disappeared!


Next weeks focus is to get that ETSY shop up & running!

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September 25th, 2017 by editor

We were free to leave Houston on Saturday & we did!


Originally some of the boyz wanted to go the the Astros game & some wanted to go to Galveston. That was thrown out the window when they said we could leave Saturday if we wanted.


We worked until noon & then packed & hit the road! My chauffer fell asleep so we were a couple of hours behind the gang.


The two weeks flew by WAY too fast! The 12 hour days were long, but worth it! I don’t know if we’ll get a chance to go again, but if so, it would be great to go again!


While I was gone, the money I was expecting arrived. They took out taxes, so with the OT I’ll be able to cover these last 2 collections on my account. Not sure what it’ll do to my score or if they’ll remove it, but at least they’ll FINALLY show paid!


My ultimate goal is to NOT need credit, but if I choose to, to be in control on if I pay cash or finance.


I was able to get signed up for Eric’s 100 Days With ET Challenge.


My MAIN goal is to get ETSY set up & earning at least $3K a month. The mini-goals will be to lose weight/consistent working out, working up to 128+ ounces of water daily & my Spanish.


September 12th was my last WSO purchase. My goal these 100 days is to keep it as my last UNLESS there is something that CAN help me in my CURRENT ventures. I’m also open to any challenge Erica has going on. I missed all her past ones, but having this cushion from OT and/or my business will help me not miss another one.


Since we worked & traveled on Saturday, Day 1 was lost, but I’m not recalculatng to go an extra day. I’m still aiming to hit my goals on/before December 25th.


For my weight, I have a BHAG of losing a minimum of 40 pounds by Christmas. I’m going to try not to weigh myself until then, but depending on how the clothes start fitting/how I’m looking I may take a peek or two! LOL!


To aid in losing weight, I want to be consistent in working out 5-6 times a week.


Water my minimum is 64 ounces every day to work up to a consistent 128+ ounces.


Spanish I want to study a minimum of 30 minutes a day & watching Spanish language TV.


Sunday I slept in until almost 11. After getting up at 5 & working 12 hour days nearly all 2 weeks, I needed it! Got laundry done, cooked some food & worked on my goals. I created a couple of graphics, one as my Facebook avatar & the other my computer background.


I also updated my countdown calendar to have the remaining time left.


I got caught up on the 100 Day Challenge tips as well as Secrets to Success. I have to redo one lesson because for some reason on the computer, the lesson was incorrect, but on the App they have the correct lesson.


I got my workout in, my Spanish lessons & my 64 ounces of water.


Monday I slept in a bit but was quite productive. Although I was on Facebook a few times, I didn’t time it BUT I also didn’t live on there. I went in, did my business & left!


Got everything done today. I ended up with a 2 hour nap, but in the end there were NO excuses! I only had my workout, Spanish & Business left when I took the nap.


I had looked at the Vintage ETSY WSO I purchased, but think I’ll start with TeeXplosion as originally planned.


Erica has a couple of spots left in her Christmas Coaching so I will look into that as well.


Tomorrow I have a ride in, but have to go an hour earlier, so have to get all I can in!


Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on finding some T-Shirt ideas. I have about 25 to start & will work on more later.


Thursday Today was my “short” day. I had to cook some food for the next few days, as well as have lunch, but I did manage to get everything in! I had my first day of 128 ounces of water!  Since the container I’m using is 20 ounces, I decided to make it easier to track & use each box as 20 ounces.


I purchased a WSO today, it was recommended by a couple of marketers I know & trust. It’s a WSO on publishing to Amazon, so I will look at that after I get my ETSY store up & running.


I truly feel that I am changing for the better with this challenge. I’m still working on getting up when that alarm first goes off, however, the other parts are getting DONE!


I hate that I’m closing as it’s cutting into my available time, but at least I’m using that time WISELY!


Wednesday & Thursday will be very busy! I have to go grocery shopping one of those days, but the rest of the time will be pure FOCUS!

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September 17th, 2017 by editor

Last week was a good week! The store they sent us to everyone is awesome! Luckily, the store wasn’t damaged & didn’t take on water. Its receded  but across the street, the business park & houses behind it were underwater.


We hadn’t seen a lot of the destruction in the area we are in.


They had us in downtown Houston at the Hilton. It was nice having our own rooms. The stores took care of our breakfast/lunch & with the exception of Monday where we ate out together, we are on our own for dinner.


They originally were going to give us a $50 a person daily food budget, then decided tyo have the stores cover our two meals. For dinner, it would have been room service or be reimbursed for eating out elsewhere. But they decided to give us gift cards for $360  ($180 on 2) to do with whatever we wanted.


Several of us decided to just go to Wally World & get food to eat in our rooms & hold onto the cards.


What I got looks like it’ll last me until we leave. So I’ll still have $300 to spend when I get home! For the time, I’ll hold onto it until it’s needed.


Chris who runs RankXL is creating a new course teaching what he did to have his successful site. I’ll look into it & if it looks promising, it’ll be awesome that I will have the money to take the course! I think his other one was about $200 but I also think he had a sale on it at one point. So I’m expecting this to be around the same.


Once we get paid, I’m looking into getting a new checking account & savings account. What I make in OT while here, I’m going to keep into savings as long as I can. Hopefully except for this course, I hope I don’t have to touch & can let it grow.


What I want to work on the rest of the week, is getting my ETSY shop ready. Get the research, theme, etc. start so I can go live once I get home.


Wednesday night I was going through email & saw an email on a Webinar from Dr. Eric Thomas AKA the Hip Hop Preacher. He is doing a 100 day challenge running September 16th through Christmas Day.


The goal is to wake up Christmas Morning having achieved your goal or at least be that much closer to completion if it’s something that will take longer. For instance, unlike The Biggest Loser, you won’t (in normal cases) lose 100 pounds in 7 weeks, but you can lose 20-40 towards that.


My main goal is obviously getting ETSY up & running! And then I have 3 mini-goals which are just every day things of working at least 30 minutes a day on my Spanish, working out & getting my water in.


I’ll sign up for it tomorrow after I get home, it’s great to FINALLY have the money to sign up for something I want to do without


Can’t believe our time in Houston is about to wrap up. We’ll be going to a different store on Friday & Saturday, then leave sometime on Sunday.


Saturday is up in the air as some are wanting to go to the Astros game, so will need to see how it all shakes out.

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September 10th, 2017 by editor

Not much of an exciting update this week 🙁


I was chosen to head to Houston!


In preparation, on the PLR Launch, since most of the videos were short & tip/FYI I caught up with those before leaving.


The trip down was good & uneventful. We’ll be going to different stores. Depending on what’s going on & location we may have a regular 8 hour day & others we may stay later for OT.


They’ll be sending people down until at least the end of November, one person has been approved to stay for a month straight.


I didn’t think I would get much of anything done last week & I didn’t! But I’m going to try to focus better this week. We did 12 hour days Tuesday through Friday & half on the weekend.

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September 4th, 2017 by editor

I’ve only missed 2 days in August & look to close it out strong! I’m looking forward to September hitting & crushing all 30 days!


I finished the initial TeeXplosion, so now need to check a few tips & tricks then go through the process.


There have been a few additional tips already, so I’ll be going over those. I also found an old email, for the YPPE ETSY one about list building, so I’ll look into that on Friday.


Tiffany had a sale on one of her challenges for 2 days. Luckily I had the money for it as it’s normally $67! It’s on how to create PLR to launch, it’s a 30 day course–actually 28!


With the exception of 2 videos, all of them are under 20 minutes. One of the longer videos is mapping out your FE & the other is an Over The Shoulder for the JV Page, so those I will plan on 2 days, in case I close or have a mid-shift the days those come up.


I still have the Use Your PLR Challenge that I started for my affiliate sites to get through. But I *might* push that back & start with this to get some additional money coming in.


An opening occurred at work yesterday, I did apply for it, but it won’t change what I’m doing. When the time comes I will move on. Getting it will provide a few extra bucks each month, so that will help me with a few personal things while I’m building.


I signed up to go help down south, so will find out if it is finalized in the next few days.  I will probably still take my computer for downtime but won’t set up my store until I get back since I obviously don’t know how long we will work & all that good stuff!


A few months back we had a crew go to LA to help with a store that was damaged & they often had 10-12 hour days. So the OT will be nice!

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August 30th, 2017 by editor

I just did something that Google will be like WTF?


I renamed the last few posts, so no you’re not losing it!


I had the thought the other day & yesterday decided to go for it.


I want to be making $3,000-$5,000 minimum from these projects. So this first month will be getting my feet wet, & I really want to be able to match Lila’s first month of netting $1,000. Then grow the stores from there.


So by the end of January 2018, I want to be making regular sales & hitting that goal!


I’m also aiming for consistency not only in working the business but for minimizing the distractions I experience.


So, instead of having TV as “background noise” I’ll have music or podcasts. The  only exception to that is playing Spanish TV.


I need to KEEP a STRICT WSO purchase policy & keeping it only to things that will grow my business. So if I’m not working on CPA,  I have no business looking at CPA products. However, if I’m looking at Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube for traffic, that’s FINE to get a product on that.


I need to also get back my workout & water consistency.

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