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June 8th, 2018 by editor

As of June 8th, there are 207 days or 6 months and 24 days to the end of the year.


Sadly I have wasted the first part of the year. I started out looking like I had made a change, but it quickly went downhill.


I tried a few times to get back on track, but those attempts were short-lived.


I still have time to get the ball rolling and at least match my monthly income consistently.


While I have made a lot of crappy purchases, I have more than enough good purchases that can get me where I want to be and beyond.


One of the marketers I’ve followed for years is Tiffany Lambert. She does her WSOs as courses, normally they are $17-$67 and they run over several weeks. While they are “live” you can jump in at any time and if you do it 3 months, 6 months or even a year down the road, she’ll be there to support you.


Last year, she redid her Affiliate Marketing course as a freebie. She plans on starting another freebie next week. We are going to learn how to utilize a Business In A Box.


Another marketer graciously gave us access to the Front End of one of his products. It’s a non-Internet Marketing Niche.


She hasn’t stated up front how many lessons she plans on making it, but it’ll be the full A to Z nuts and bolts.


I look forward to completing this challenge and it giving me the confidence to completing other courses that I have.

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