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Round 1 2017


05.13-05.22 Days 36-45

This last week I attempted to recover from the closing train!   The last few lessons in Lurn were pretty short & several were just recaps.   Finished all 21 days of lessons & passed the test! Only missed one question! The only one I didn’t have from memory or in my notes! I was […]

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Lurn Training Days 0-13

Day 0 The first set of videos fall under Day 0.   These are designed to help you get your mindset straight.   Some of it may seem like “yes yes I know” but we may know, but we aren’t doing.   The first video is to remind us that we we need to have […]

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Lurn Insider

Last week, I purchased a WSO that I had passed over before because it seemed to be one of those “too good to be true” ones. And yes that’s with me having purchased some of those in the past! And that’s what sparked me to decide to make this space a review type section…then things […]

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05.06-05.12 Days 29-35

Saturday 05.06 Today I finally got around to pulling the carpet from my room. The house we rent we’ve been slowly pulling up the carpet out of the rooms & we finally hit the last two rooms.   I still have to go through getting the glue up but I’ll get that done over the […]

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04.29-05.05 Days 22-28

Saturday 04.29   Woke up feeling A LOT better! It was hard the last few days being hungry but not wanting to eat much. Still have a bit of a sore throat, but I woke up like I actually slept instead of dragging like I had the last few days.   I think I’ll be […]

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04.22-04.28 Days 15-21

Saturday 04.22   I got some reading in but not as far as I planned. I worked mid today & open tomorrow, then I’ll be on the closing train. So I have to really be busy & focused on my off days the next few weeks!   In going through my E-Mail last night, I […]

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Days 8-14 04.15-04.21

Saturday 04.15   I made up for the past few days & got pretty far in my reading! Just a bit more then I’ll be done with the first one!   Sunday 04.16   With it being Easter, we closed early but I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get anything done when I got […]

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Distance between dreams and reality

Recalculated my journey FINAL time!

When I redid my Journey for the rest of 2017, a bit over a week ago, I said I wasn’t going to re-calculate anything, but I did!   I was thinking today after looking at a few things, that 90 days is a LONG time! That I needed to break things down into smaller pieces. […]

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Days 3-7 04.10-04.14

Monday 04.10   Even though I only had 4ish hours of sleep, I made it through the day & didn’t take a nap when I got home!     I got more reading done and a late workout!   For some reason my laptop was giving me issues, so I eneded up just doing CPR. […]

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04.09.17 Day 2

Yesterday I finished getting some loose ends tied up and getting ready for the next 267 days!   A few days ago, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker re-released a WSO that Sean Mize did around 4 years ago or so. He had set himself a challenge to make $100,000 in 30 days. ┬áNo, that’s not […]

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