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February 4th, 2019 by editor

I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I posted!


Mission Two Thousand hasn’t moved as fast as I wanted so I’m modifying it. Partly because I did my budget over the next two months and as long as I don’t blow my budget I’ll be OK with everything.


So my goal now and until I leave for Springfield is to build a foundation with a goal of earning $1,500-$2,000. This will pay for what I spend on my trip, pay off my other card balances and put the balance in savings.


I’m very excited that I’m able to actually go somewhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do so and even then I barely had the funds to do so.


But this won’t be the last! I have a few more places I want to go later in the year as well. So I’ll be saving up for those and the goal is to have my business earning money each and every month within the next 6 months.


I’m VERY bad about sticking to just ONE thing at a time. Once I get going I’ll be able to juggle as others do. BUT I have to get that first dollar and growing it to $100, $1000, $5000 and more!


Some parts of the United States has been hit with heavy snow for the past few weeks. The temperatures have been bitterly cold in these areas. As always, animals and people have frozen to death.


One of the hardest hit areas is Chicago, Illinois. A woman named Candice Payne decided to use her Credit Card to pay for 3 days worth of hotel rooms for homeless people. Other people found out and also helped cover rooms.


In total, 60 rooms were covered and 80 people were off the streets those nights.


It just reminded me what I want to do, be able to help other people in need.


There is a young man Rodney Smith Jr. who mows the lawns of the disabled, Veterans and Single Mothers. He started out in his community and now travels around the country helping as many as he can as he travels city to city.


He also blesses the homeless during Christmas.


His goal is to do hit each Continent later this summer. I want to be able to help him reach his goals and to help cover hotel stays.


He also challenges kids to do the same for at least 50 lawns, for every 10 lawns mowed, they receive a different color shirt. Once they reach their 50-yard goal, they receive a visit from Rodney, cut a few lawns with him, and a brand new lawn mower. The fall and winter snow shoveling and leaf raking count.


There are other ways I want to help and bless other people.


So this week I’m going to work on a product I purchased the other day, POD (Print On Demand) Profits Playbook. I’ll be back with more on that.

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Mission Two Thousand
January 14th, 2019 by editor
I got hooked on a show about a year and a half ago called LivePD. There have been a variety of departments on over that time and anywhere from 6-8 departments have been followed every night over that time.
Some nights it’s really slow with calls and others it seems we spend a ton of time with 1 or 2 departments and rarely see the others.
While many officers are very popular, if there are no listed K9s Dan’s twitter blows up with “Where are the K9s?” as if he has anything to do with who is on. It’s up to the departments.
But even if there is no listed K9, there seems to always end up with a call where a K9 is called for a sniff or to track.
One of the departments we met in 2018 is the Greene County Sheriff’s Department from Springfield, Missouri.
One of the most popular officers with the department is Corporal James Craigmyle and his K9 Partner Lor. He also has 2 Frenchies Olivia aka Livvy and the newest addition Gracie.
He has organized several huge meet and greets in Springfield. Each one seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. Late last year they mentioned they wanted to have another one sometime around their return to the show. Departments will sometimes take a break and they had a lot going on with training new K9s and other commitments.
Last week, Corporal Craigmyle provided a date March 30th. I spent a few days “hoping” to go but decided I WAS going to go. I don’t have the money in the bank to go but I’m stepping out in faith.
While I’m going to work on tightening my pennies, I’m also challenging myself to earn or manifest $2,000-$3,000 by March 23rd.
I have a friend who works for the airlines so I’m looking at using his Friends and Family. Several hotels do not require upfront payment, so I have reserved a room.
But even with that I still need funds to eat the few days I’ll be there and to buy whatever is for sale.
It’s really two-fold–to cover what I need as well committing to a goal and making it happen!
Let’s get this party started!

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