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mission 3000

Mission 020120

Welcome to Mission February 2nd, 2020

I am on a mission to earn $5,000 or more a month online and to do that on or before February 2nd, 2020.   My first goal is at least $2,500 as that will replace my current income.   I have a TON of products to choose from and am going to start with Instructo […]

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Time to Focus


Cha…Cha…Cha…Changes. It seems they often happen more than we want and are many times out of our control.   Last week at the J.O.B. thousands of lives were changed with a few words. Several people were laid off and changes were made to the department I’m in.   I knew the changes to my department […]

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Are You The 99 or the 1

Are You the 99% or the 1%

Are You The 99% or the 1%?   I’ve been in the 99% too long, it’s time to take my place in the 1% Club! I’ve been dreaming too long, it’s time to EXECUTE!   I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted Week 1 but sadly, it was hit and miss and Week 2 was also […]

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Welcome to 286 Days To Success!

Welcome to 286 Days To Success!  Those who have been following me know that I am AWFUL at finishing things I start OR never starting.   Many times I’ve said I’m putting an end to that and pushing through then I get distracted by a shiny. Over the years, I’ve spent an embarrassingly amount of […]

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Mission 3000 Focus

First Stop is Mission 3000

We are all aboard the Mission 022222 train and the first stop is Mission 3000!   My first goal is to replace my income so that regardless of what the J.O.B. future holds, I know I will be OK financially. And the first step to getting there is the minimum minimum I want to live […]

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