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March 18th, 2019 by editor

Welcome to 286 Days To Success!  Those who have been following me know that I am AWFUL at finishing things I start OR never starting.


Many times I’ve said I’m putting an end to that and pushing through then I get distracted by a shiny. Over the years, I’ve spent an embarrassingly amount of money on WSOs I’ve never looked at! I recall times where I’d barely hit ‘pay’ when I’m getting ready to buy another.


Many I had good plans for then just never did anything with or when I looked at it further, something scared me even though I hadn’t gotten to that part yet.


But I’m on a mission to changing that. To push through and when I get to a part that makes me nervous…do it and do it scared if I have to! That’s the only way I’m going to learn and have a chance of earning money.


There are people making six, seven and eight figures who didn’t know how to do everything, who got to parts that made them nervous and felt they couldn’t do it. Who sucked but kept going and became successful.


I’m also working on being picky about what I purchase. Not getting wrapped up into the sales page, but going with those I know and trust. Not going with blind copy unless I can find out what it’s about. And most importantly, it’s something I’m doing and can give me tips about it.


I’m dividing this into 4 parts: 3/18-6/16; 6/17-9/15;9/16-12/15 and 12/16-12/28.


This first 90 days will focus on getting started with Non-Fiction Fastlane by Sharpturn. This training will walk me through creating a Non-Fiction book in 10 days and earning within 27.


I also purchased the OTO for this which is about your book titles.


When I was updating my purchases, I noticed I had purchased a Non-Fiction WSO by my friend Bill a few months back. So when I finish with this and have a few books out there, I’ll go through his training and go from there.


I have a pre-planned vacation at the end of the month. I’m going out of town for a few days and then will be on vacation the rest of that week. So  I am aiming to do what I can while out of town and come back focusing hard!


I’m going to take something that I took away from Amber’s Podcast last week. Not worry about a dollar amount. Yes, I want to reach my first goal of at least $3,000 a month but I’m not going to do what I’ve done in the past.


Previously, I’d see something that could make me a certain amount but might take a bit to get there. Then I’d let myself get distracted by something over here that claimed I could get there much faster.  Then there’s this thing over here claiming to get you there even faster.


I’m going to do my best to stay focused on the task and take it all the way through. This first 90 days is focused on getting my first book together and ready to make my first $1.


Thank you for coming along on the ride!

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February 24th, 2019 by editor

Get Out Of The Backseat and Into The Drivers Seat of Your Life! Was repeated many times this week, more on that later.


The other night, it hit me! The minimum I want to be earning to consider myself Full-Time is $3,000 a month. So I decided to change my goal to be that.


So I was going to do a 6-month challenge, Part 1 running 02.18-05.19 and then the balance 05.20-08.18. That has changed once again!


A few weeks ago, Lisa Nichols advertised a yearly training she does called Power Jam. Each day is a different topic and the training runs about an hour and a half.


There’s the housekeeping which unlike 99% of the Webinars, Facebook Lives, etc., provides nuggets as well. Then we get into the teaching and then wrap up with our daily Self Work and the doors opening to her Speak and Write Conference.


The thing about Ms. Nichols is she doesn’t pressure you or make you feel guilty if you feel the training is not for you OR if you are unable to participate in person. She also provides a way to attend the training via LiveStream.


Due to my schedule and how long the training was, I did not participate daily but did take time this weekend to get caught up. This week I’ll be working on the Self Work.


The classes were:

You Are Enough

Don’t Ask For It, Declare It

Building The Brand Called YOU! 

How To Find The Money

There Is A Divine Calling On Your Life…Declare It and Own It


There were so many nuggets and BOLs (Breakthrough Out Loud) for me.


Day 1 one of the things that stuck was ACTION! Get off the couch and take ACTION!


Day 2 sometimes you have to take ACTION to get the clarity you need.


Day 3 we learned how to SNAAP! It’s your Elevator Pitch that keeps you from wasting time and getting to your goal!


Day 4 I’ve always had trouble doing the 3, 5, 10+ year goals because I was never sure exactly the WHEN I wanted everything to fall into place. But we learned why it was important to do so. I’m no longer going to be handicapped by that.


Day 5 this is what changed my focus! Committing to the next 36 to end up doing only what I love. The class was originally held on Friday, February 22nd, 3 years will be February 22nd, 2022 or 02.22.22. Even though I’m technically starting the 25th, I want to reach my goal on or before 02.22.22!


As I do my Self Work this week, I’ll be sharing it. I hope you check out the training and share your BOLs and Self Work!

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