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Mission Two Thousand
January 14th, 2019 by editor
I got hooked on a show about a year and a half ago called LivePD. There have been a variety of departments on over that time and anywhere from 6-8 departments have been followed every night over that time.
Some nights it’s really slow with calls and others it seems we spend a ton of time with 1 or 2 departments and rarely see the others.
While many officers are very popular, if there are no listed K9s Dan’s twitter blows up with “Where are the K9s?” as if he has anything to do with who is on. It’s up to the departments.
But even if there is no listed K9, there seems to always end up with a call where a K9 is called for a sniff or to track.
One of the departments we met in 2018 is the Greene County Sheriff’s Department from Springfield, Missouri.
One of the most popular officers with the department is Corporal James Craigmyle and his K9 Partner Lor. He also has 2 Frenchies Olivia aka Livvy and the newest addition Gracie.
He has organized several huge meet and greets in Springfield. Each one seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. Late last year they mentioned they wanted to have another one sometime around their return to the show. Departments will sometimes take a break and they had a lot going on with training new K9s and other commitments.
Last week, Corporal Craigmyle provided a date March 30th. I spent a few days “hoping” to go but decided I WAS going to go. I don’t have the money in the bank to go but I’m stepping out in faith.
While I’m going to work on tightening my pennies, I’m also challenging myself to earn or manifest $2,000-$3,000 by March 23rd.
I have a friend who works for the airlines so I’m looking at using his Friends and Family. Several hotels do not require upfront payment, so I have reserved a room.
But even with that I still need funds to eat the few days I’ll be there and to buy whatever is for sale.
It’s really two-fold–to cover what I need as well committing to a goal and making it happen!
Let’s get this party started!

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Happy New Year 2019
January 6th, 2019 by editor
Happy New Year 2019!
I started a draft to post for January 1st but I’m still working on my thoughts for it! But I wanted to get something out!
The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in 2019 and beyond. To stop saying “this is my year” and start making it my year!
My first change is having No Zero Days! To do SOMETHING in 3 areas every day. Workout, Business, and Reading. Even if I don’t have time to do a full session to do something. Whether a 10-minute workout video, watch a training video or read a few pages of the PDF or read a few pages of a book.
This first week I ended up getting caught up with Domain Profits. Right now on he’s going over the background information, so it’s not like I have to do anything with it right now.
I had started Speed Profits so I need to finish up on that this week.
I also need to get back to The Freedom Fix.
The thing I like about Domain Profits is that it *can* be a very Full-Time gig, however, you can still earn good money working very part-time. Get a good domain and you can earn $2,000 or more in one transaction.
Speed Profits is to help me write better and faster.
I signed up for a DietBet with Joel Freeman. The goal is to lose 4% or your weight in a month, for me, it will be a bit over 10 pounds. Everyone who reaches their goal gets to split the pot, so at a minimum, you’ll get your bet back if you reach it. I need to get better with my water.

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2019 Goals Crush 2019
December 12th, 2018 by editor

2019 Road Crush 2019 I’ve been a broken record for way too long! But I am on a mission to crush 2019!


I need to make fresh goals and stop making the same over and over!


I have several million (it feels like) blueprints of business models. I have about 7-8 that I want to pursue over the next few years.


They finally hired someone to cover the weekends, so I’ll now be M-F! I’ll still have some weekends that I’m sure they’ll have me work because of expected business volume. But it’ll be nice to work in things that are on the weekend.


Having every other weekend off previously, everything I wanted to do was always on the weekends I had to work! There are a couple of events I want to go to next year that if they are when they have been in the past, would have been on the wrong weekend. So I look forward to getting my money together and being able to go!


But before I can do that, I have to get focused and get that money from my business coming in!

2019 Action Plan Crush 2019

I’m going to do a 100 days to $100 a day challenge from 12.12.18-03.22.19. My Facebook memories showed that I updated my profile last year that I was going to do one the same dates. I chose my dates before seeing my memories! I am determined to succeed this time!


I’m also going to be strict on my purchases. I have a very short list, of who I can purchase from. Liz is putting out lessons for the $12K A Month. I don’t know if we’ll get 12 lessons or not. But whatever we get towards it, I’ll obviously need to purchase. And if Tiffany puts out any additional training.


If I do buy something, it has to be related to something I’m currently doing or learning AND I have to start it as soon as it’s all downloaded or I get the log in information.


The sad part of my WSO purchases is that it’s just been about a year that I’ve been able to get credit cards, so all I’ve spent prior to that, it’s been actual cash out of my bank account. And I’ve beat myself up many times over what I could have done with it. Savings, trips I could have taken. But what’s done is done. Looking next to earn it back with my business.


The last couple of days, I’ve been going through some goal setting/goal achievement videos. I’m looking forward to implementing some of the tips and mindset direction.


So I have a bit more to tidy up on that.


I’ll try to update at least once a week, and have a PLR package that I’m planning to implement, so will add those in as well! More on that later!

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Dreams Work
November 18th, 2018 by editor

I scared myself the other day! I put my notes in Evernote and have notebooks for my various categories.


I started a training the other day and wrote my notes for the lesson. Evernote saves every once in a while, but I always try to make sure it’s saved after I’ve finished.


So I did my notes and went on to something else. For some reason, my computer locked up and did a reboot. When everything came back up, I noticed the notebook I created was missing a note. So I started panicking at first because I KNOW I didn’t dream that I watched the video and took the notes.


So I kept syncing and re-syncing nothing came up. I’m not sure why but it hit me to check the app on my phone and it was in my ‘All Notes’ so got so confused because it still wasn’t in my desktop app.


So searched one of my tags and the missing one came up. I have no idea how this happened, but somehow even though I was positive that I was in the right notebook the entire time. I had watched both training videos back to back, so never left it. But WHEW!


As mentioned in my last post, I decided to start Q1 beginning the 19th. I’m going to use all 14 weeks in the journal. So this first one will take me from 11/19 through 2/24 and then the second one 2/25 to 6/2. So in reality, it’ll be a hair over 6 months.


I’m looking at getting to $2,500-$3,000 a month income at a minimum.


While this vacation week didn’t start out as strong as I wanted, I did get SOME work done during it.


I watched the first 3 videos for the $12K A Month Blueprint, Liz wasn’t able to get Day 4 on Thursday so she’ll get that and Day 5 done over the weekend. But I probably won’t watch those until next week. I might spend Thursday watching those. Just to get them out of the way and an idea of what’s coming next. Then when I get to those days, I’ll rewatch if need be.


But these first days will keep me more than busy! With the membership site training we did first, I picked the travel niche, but I’m not sure if I want to build everything on that or not yet.


So I will be doing some research, she did name it as one of the best niches. But I just want to be sure I want to build 12 income streams around it or build fewer streams to get to the same end goal!


When we did the membership site training, I thought we were building 12 membership sites! LOL!


She lists the training as Days but each “day” can take a couple of days. Day 1 will probably only be a day. But Day 2 may take a few and Day 3 may take 3-4 days. But it’s all in getting the prep work done so all you have to do is begin promoting.


I also have The Freedom Fix to do which is work on the About Me page and begin thinking about the categories/topics to blog about.  I started that one late, so I’ll be working on that up to the next Building email. The Growing emails I look through to see if there’s anything to note to keep in mind just in case we don’t touch on it while we’re Building.


Today, Tiffany posted a video based on a book she’s reading. While it’s about weight loss and why you aren’t losing weight, the lessons apply to all areas of life.


One area was having a bank to keep you on track.


So if it’s weight loss, you’ll “pay” yourself for the behaviors you’re working on making positive. Such as worked out $2, ate healthy $1, didn’t give in to a craving $1. Then if you don’t reach your goal you’ll subtract that category.


If you have the means, you can put your pay into your savings.


For your business, you’ll do similar.


I’m going to come up with a plan myself and see how that works for me.


I did not lose any weight on LIIFT4, but I did gain a pound.  But that’s not discouraging as I wasn’t expecting to really lose. Many from the early access group indicated they didn’t lose but saw results in other areas.


I need to put the pictures together, but I don’t see from the distance changes. But I’m just proud of the fact that I stuck to a rotation for once in my life!


I do want to do another round but will wait until next year. I might do ShaunTs Transformation:20 early access, but am waiting to see how much it will be. 80 Day and LIIFT4 were around $40, but some are saying that it’ll be around $70 and that price won’t include the step. You can use any step, so that part I’m not concerned about, just how much it will be. So I’ll find out around the 4th.


I’m going to try Mes a Mas which is Beachbody’s first all Spanish-language workout. This one is 6 days a week for 4 weeks. Hope to pick up a few new words over the month! I would love to lose at least 10 pounds over the next month.


It’s a bit over 7 months to summer and those summer bodies are made in the winter!

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October 31st, 2018 by editor

The first few weeks of the 4th quarter haven’t gone exactly as planned business wise but I still have time to make things happen!


I have done really well with my workouts and I have 5  weeks left. I have not decided if I’m going to do another round until Shaun’s starts in January.


From October 29th through December 29th is 8 weeks and 6 days or 2 months and 1 day.


A few weeks back, Michael Hyatt released the recordings from his Achieve workshop. They sell for $147, but annual subscribers could purchase for $47.


The annual subscription was my reward for using my planner consistently. But I went ahead and signed up for the annual and purchased the recordings.


I’ve gotten through the first day recordings and will work on the 2nd day. There are some that do not pertain to me as they deal with working with teams, so I’ll put those on the back burner.


It is on my goals to attend the conference next year!


In the past, in addition to SOS I could never settle on a path to take. Even if I wasn’t buying crap I didn’t need, I would often look at what I already had purchased, and dabble into this and dabble into that.


I have settled into 5 streams I want to pursue over 2019:

Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit from any business

Passive Membership Sites

Low Content Publishing


The Freedom Fix


Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit is a 2-Part Webinar Class where she is teaching what she has done over 24 years for every 7- and 8-figure business she has started.


She has included additional training  and worksheets.


I would love to have a 7 or 8-figure business or two for sure but the first goal is to get to $5,000 a month. s


Passive Membership Sites is a new class Liz Tomey is doing. It’s a 5 day class to get us to our first $1,000 a month Membership site.


Low Content Publishing is a training by Kate Riley, to learn how to create Journals and other publications. Kate has stated she likes to have each journal earning at least $400 a month passive. I am aiming in the end to get 5-10 making at least that.


ETSY I currently have 3 training courses and would like to build each one to at least $1,000 a month from.


The Freedom Fix is the training by Sojourn AKA Erica Stone on building Amazon sites. This is a 6 month program. Each week alternates between Building a new site and Growing an existing site.


This isn’t just a do this, do that out of her head. She’s doing everything and documenting it. So she is building a real site with us and she is growing an existing site with us.


For instance, when we installed WordPress a few weeks ago, she had to do it 3 times. The traditional way of doing in your hosting company, her own theme she created and installing through creating a database.


The PDFs page lengths vary because some are more in-depth than others. It’s not necessarily written words but the necessary screenshots.


She’s hosting 3 webinars, to answer questions and provide additional information. The first took place last week, so I will need to watch that to see what was discussed.


So far, The Freedom Fix, after reviewing the PDF, the work doesn’t take long. I know once we get to the content, that will take longer as I know there will be research required.


Tiffany sent out an email where she was giving a discount of almost 60% off of everything in her PLR store, including the entire store membership.


While I do have the funds on my Credit Card, and there will be money left over until the next payday, I just couldn’t do it. The if something comes up, not having the money and the remaining cushion didn’t make me comfortable.


It reminded me for another reason why I need to get this going. To know that every day can be payday and not just every 2 weeks. That I have a cushion of savings where I can buy what I need/want and be able to pay off the card once my balance updates or whenever I want before the next due date and not have those “why did I do that?” regrets.


That is my goal, to have enough money to not only have my everyday bills paid, but to also be able to not stress when I need or want to purchase something. That I can pay it off right away.


I can’t wait to get to that first goal!

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When I lost all of my excuses I found all my results
August 26th, 2018 by editor

Excuses are nothing but BS! This is something that I need to drill into my head.

I make list after list of things I want but they haven’t been enough to keep me focused. 

Everyone says look at your WHY…make your WHY BIG! But I don’t know how to make anything bigger than what I’ve already listed. I’ll continue to work on it.

This week I was on vacation and I had plans on working on my business, we needed to add a phone line and apparently, that messed up my internet because it started to intermittently go out. They came out looked at it and redid the connections and it’s still doing it. 

I might look into seeing if I can get a box that has it all in there instead of having a router. When I first signed up they sent me a hardwired one and then instead of sending a WiFi box they send a router to go with it. 

But that’s just another excuse. Yes, I do have some training with videos and some that are PDFs or the videos were zipped to be downloaded. 

I really had hoped to make this week full of focus but that didn’t happen. But I can’t keep kicking myself for it. All I can do is move forward.

There is a concert that a group of folks from high school is looking at attending. It’ll be November 17th. I am looking to go from 08.27-11.11 to get the money for it as well as to spend a few extra days there.

And not only that but for what I want/need to do. What I’m going to do today is rework what want, not only for November but also for the next year. I’m going to try to list 1-3 reasons why I want to reach it. Some may have more and that will be fine. 

I want to see if that will help me with my focus. Instead of just having X goal, have what achieving that will do for me. And that’s all I have to do anything for. I need to make myself worthy of my goals.

It’s just me so I don’t have a husband or kids that would benefit, as that’s what a lot of the experts point at. Who in your life would benefit from you reaching goals?

And there are things beyond myself that I want to be able to help with.

So that is my Sunday focus goal!

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Dreams Work
April 9th, 2018 by editor

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything.


I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would see all projects through win, lose or draw. However  I have not kept that promise.


I had thought I had found the secret sauce but was still off.


Every time I think I’ve gained that focus I get off track.


The last few days several marketers have posted several things that I knew but at the same time obviously hadn’t.


One of them was to not only define your goals but also decide what will get you there & eliminate everything else.


Another person reminded to build a foundation before you do anything else. Don’t worry about 20 steps from now (i.e. traffic) if you don’t have anywhere to send them. Yes it’s fine to gather training & education, but don’t try to master it until you have somewhere to send them.


Of course the FOCUS has to be there and PUT IN THE WORK!


A marketer I follow recently released a training which basically is designed to help you get the clarity you need to not only reach your goals, but to also live the life you want.


The Month of April is to get that foundation built. I’m going to redefine my goals  & what I want my life to look like.


Many goal setting programs say look 5, 10, 15 years into the future, even in my 20s I had difficulty doing that. Most of my goals are immediate and the only “big” long-term goal I have is to have savings where I don’t have to worry about an income.


So whenever I go into a retirement mode, I’ll know I’ll always have an income coming in.


But this week, I’m going to really define my goals & how bad I want it. No longer just be in a wishing & a hoping state, but a DONE & ACCOMPLISHED state. To no longer being on the sidelines & seeing other people doing the things I want to be doing.


Their vacation destination may not be MY vacation destination, but to go somewhere on vacation! On a REAL vacation! To go on a cruise.


To be able to buy what I want to be able to pay cash for things. To be in charge at the car dealership. To be able to bless others in need. To be able to help others in need.


I’ll try not to let a month go by again without posting! I’m going to try to do it at least weekly!

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Dreams Work
January 22nd, 2018 by editor

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!


2018 I AM going to get my WSO purchases in line! This month I’ve spent a hair under $89 as of the date of this post. BUT they are for people I am familiar with, except for one. I don’t know the seller but purchased through a  friends link for the bonus he offered.


I am going to implement a “Wait Until Friday” especially on those sellers I’m not familiar with. I have a Notepad on my desktop that I will track anything I’m interested in.  Then when Friday rolls around, IF I’m still interested in it & I of course have the money, then I’m free to purchase it.


A few exceptions will be for solid marketers who have true scarcity. For example, Kam will put his product on sale for so many days then raise it to $27 or so.


But they will still be under the “shiny or business help” scrutiny.


The other day,  I went to the Warrior Forum to look something up. I noticed a new forum where you can document your journey to your goals. I started a thread on there.


I will keep this blog as well.


It actually started today (January 22nd) and will run until July 22nd with a goal to reach at least $5K a month by then. The program I’m starting with has a goal to get you to $3K within 30 days, so hitting the jackpot, I’ll be over halfway there!


Somethings that I do here I won’t copy over there! For instance, in some cases, I’ll be doing a breakdown on the sales pages in my implementation/review process. Or I may come across nuggets in a PDF or video that may not have anything to do with the course I’m going through. But is something that can help me currently or in the future.


What I am going to do, is an implementation/review process. The first one on deck, is Liz Tomey’s $3K in 30 Days. She was originally going to retire it, but decided to keep it around.


I aim to start it tomorrow. I had planned on starting today, but going through another training to get me started with this, took me longer than I had planned!

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November 19th, 2017 by editor

This week sucked! I just did not do what I should have been doing!


I have no reason what so ever! I have got to get my sleep right! Napping when I get home way too long or sleeping in way too long! Then having “no” time to work on anything!


408 days…that’s how many days there are between now and December 31, 2018.


I feel like a broken record and how I’m going to crush it and not doing a thing!


But I have to stop doing that if I truly want to reach my goals! And that’s a broken record as well!


I keep talking but not doing! Every year I have a list of what I want to do but nothing to show for it!


I’m the definition of Insanity–doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.


The last few days, a lot has happened to help reset me.


I want my goals and dreams to happen for once!


One thing I HAVE to work on is less snooze! My schedule the next few weeks is still jacked up! So I’ll be losing an hour on days I’m set to close. So it will be EXTRA important to get up on the first alarm on those days. Every time, staying focused!


This current countdown to February will stay the same. Then I’ll 3 100 day cycles with the goal of taking December “off”. I want to have reached my final goal the end of November and allow December to finalize 2019.


I don’t know how I’m going to do the 100 days, I’ve thought of straight 100, doing 2 halves or 4 quarters. Kinda like a 12 week year. But I’ll decide when I get there!


So the goal crushing starts NOW!

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November 4th, 2017 by editor

Well I passed the test, for the $20 daily method, now to see if I passed the transcription portion. That can take a few days to get back.


I’m enjoying the feedback from Sojourn as it helps me know that I DO have it. Just a few minor adjustments on a couple of assignments.


This will definitely help me as I venture out to another site and other niche sites.


I’ll find out if I received the promotion this week.


My site for Liz’s training is up and running! I’ve already received a couple of Affiliate requests already! I still have to look at them!


I WAS suppose to have my WiFi up and running Tuesday but they sent me the wrong box! It was one for a wired connection!  I don’t have an Ethernet port on my computer, so could’t even use it while I waited for the replacement. Luckily, it’s scheduled to arrive Wednesday, so hopefully it’ll be right this time!


I thought my roommate was still at work & had debated paying for Uber/Lyft. But decided I could wait a few days to get it. Then when I received the email and signed up for alerts, it said it should arrive Wednesday! w00t!


One of the groups I’m in does an annual Planathon that you basically work on solidfying your goals for the next year. It’s normally 5 days, but this year they’re giving us a weekend buffer to catch up and then we’ll conclude Monday & Tuesday next week.


So I’ll have Assignment 8 for Azon to finish, work more on my Copywriting and ETSY.


Got a bit more done this week, but not as much as I would have liked!


I’m glad I didn’t send the hard wired box back with the FedEx guy! They sent me a WiFi hook up instead of an WiFi box!


But all set up & I’m going to try to get a TV this weekend!


I found out that the Roku TV app lets you listen via your phone with headphones.


This will be nice for late night/early AM watching when F1 is on, I don’t have to worry about the volume.


I also found out that they are going to let me be the Internet Coordinator.  I may not move into it for a few more weeks.


They wanted us to put in our final vacation time, so I put in for my birthday week off.

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