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2019 Goals Crush 2019

Crush 2019

 I’ve been a broken record for way too long! But I am on a mission to crush 2019!   I need to make fresh goals and stop making the same over and over!   I have several million (it feels like) blueprints of business models. I have about 7-8 that I want to pursue over […]

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A person drawing and pointing at a Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk illustration

100 Days Crush

This past week, one of the people I followed had a manifestation challenge. It wasn’t a “get a bazillion dollars by the end of the week by doing this weird mantra.” It was more about seeing why your business isn’t earning what you want it to be and seeing what you needed to do to […]

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a goal without a plan is just a wish - motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

To Live Like Others Can’t, I Will Do What Others Won’t

Sorry that it’s been a while. I’ve started a post then never finished it!   I was going to do the 12 Week Year, then decided to do the 100 Day Year. I’ll have 3 100 Day Years & the last will be about 82 days.   This first year runs December 12th – March 22nd.   […]

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Setting Goals

The Birthing of a Goal

Sorry that I’ve been quiet of late. I’ve written several drafts but never posted! I do need to get better with that!   The first 3 months of this year, while I did make some attempts I never really got anywhere. I aim to fix this this month!   There are 9 months left in […]

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