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Get Out of Your Own Way
March 9th, 2019 by editor

Nearly all of us have at one time or another heard someone say to Get Out of Your Own Way. That YOU are often the reason you are not achieving your goals and dreams.


Many times we’re doing this and not even aware that we’re the reason why. We often blame other things and other people. Yes sometimes they can be the reason, but often, it’s the three fingers pointing back at us that is the REAL reason.


In going through my emails for the week, I saw one the other day from a woman I follow off an on titled “Are You Holding Yourself Back From Success?” which was to introduce Ambers’ latest Podcast episode.


The main theme was “Attachment vs. Detachment Thinking” and it really resonated with me. Thoughts I had, I never realized were the things actually holding me back.


So I’m going to really look and think about my thoughts. If it’s helping me or hindering me. If it’s hindering me, how to change it to something that will help me.


The episode is only 23 minutes long and I hope it will help you in your journey as well! Let me know your thoughts!

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