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August 26th, 2017 by editor

Well my time off wasn’t as productive as I had hoped but I DID make some progress. So overall I am pleased with the week!


I did finish the Millionaire Booklet. One thing I’m trying to see his perspective on but I’m not sure if I’ll follow. That was to never purchase a home but to always rent, so you’re not “tied down” to one spot for 30 years. I do understand that, but at the same time, I HATE moving & having to deal with all the stuff you forgot you had that you’ve accumulated over time.


But I’m one who wants to be able to make their home THEIRS. When you rent, you’re bound by what the landlord says you can & can’t do. Some may allow you to paint walls, but they have to be painted back white when you move. And the landlord could decide to sell or let their deadbeat cousin move in, so then you’re scrambling trying to find a new place.


But that’s still a bit down the road, I still need to get my finances in order!


I ended up printing out the PDF because the booklet was so TINY! And as I read & reread, I can highlight & make notes.


Last night, I came across a training on Goal Setting. What it focused on was the importance of having STEPS when you set your goal(s). It doesn’t have to be every step needed but 3 steps you can take to help you reach your goal.


For instance, if you want to lose 40 pounds in 4 months, you’re not going to break it down into every little step, but 3 steps you can focus on. For instance, train at the gym, follow X diet (OR reduce/eliminate sodas, sweets, etc. whatever you want to do to focus on Lifestyle changes) & drink a gallon of water every day. The goal is out there but that’s not what you focus on/worry about.


Your focus will be on the steps you take to get you to that goal. You may reach your goal, you may fall short or exceed it. What IS important is that you took the necessary steps to get you closer than you had before.


Today (Tuesday) I’m going to break down my goals for the remainder of the year.


What I want to do this last week of August is finish the T-Shirt ETSY book & get that shop set up. Then work on setting up my Printables shop. I’m encouraged that she grossed $1K after expenses (the small ETSY fees plus paying the drop shipper) her first month.


The Printables, the basic blueprint is to gross $1,500 a month, with the only expenses there being the small ETSY fees, since it’s all digital.


So to get those at a minimum each shop consistently will give me the power I need. Then use their growth tips to begin earning $3,000+ each month on each shop.


Today I’m going to work on creating my list + tracker to help finish crushing 2017!


Also, Craig has a Perfect Day formula that I’m going to work on as well. When I saw, it’s when I realized who he was. Something I went through last year, was this same idea, but I can’t find it. I didn’t tag it right or never saved it to Evernote. And nothing came up in my Document search. Oh well at least  I have this!


Basically you think about what your Perfect Day will be like & use that to map out a vision.


I finished the main ETSY Printables book, so next week will be focused on setting it up & going through the bonuses & Upgrades. I did find that you CAN have multiple shops under your account. So if I DO decide to do the other training, I can sell those on ETSY as well.


But need to get through this first. Also, even IF I didn’t, I recall some tips & tricks that I could use on this shop as well.

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July 7th, 2017 by editor

The other day, my friend Hawt Arun posted a link to a webinar a fellow markerter, Liz Tomey had posted.


I have followed Liz for a number of years & purchased a course from her that I sadly never did anything with, because the scared/fear popped up!


Anyway, I was looking over her catalog and one caught my eye. Even though the date of the training was listed as ending February 12th, the links were still live so tried it. Got to the checkout & received an error message!


So I contacted her support team to see if it indeed was STILL open, as it was late & it was probably on me as I probably chose the wrong payment card.


With it being the 4th of July weekend, I knew it would be a few days before I heard back. I finally did on Wednesday and they confirmed it was indeed still open! So when I got home last night, I tried it again and it worked!


I’m in!


The course is $3K in 30 Days! I’ve done some calculations based on my current situation with roommates and what I estimate my future when I get out on my own. Eventually I’ll be quitting my job once I’m solid, so everything was based on what I need from my online business. So while I’m in my roommates, my online earnings will go towards creating my savings cushion for when I do quit my job.


What this is, is an ongoing coaching/challenge.


Each day we will receive a lesson. Depending on my work schedule, it may take me a few days to get through the homework.


This is a foundation to build a REAL business upon, having someone you KNOW is walking the talk is 1,000,000% necessary!


I’m going to do my BEST to not fall into the WSO trap for at least the next 30-ish days. Now if there is PLR related to my niche I can use, yes. Also one of the groups I’m in, the owner puts out products from time to time. Now if he puts out something I can use, then yes I’ll purchase, as he only has them up for a few days.


I have spent WAY too much over the years with nothing to show for it, so definitely need to earn that money back as well as get going on solidifying my future.


I want to be in charge. If I want to take a spontaneous trip tomorrow, to be able to do it. If I want to take tomorrow off and enjoy the weather be able to do it, without it going “against me” as an absence causing you to be written up for too many.


Let’s get going!


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May 31st, 2017 by editor

Day 2 was the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp video, which is more on your mindset.


Mindset is so important because we can only motivate and push ourselves when we’re the Boss–or trying to get there.


We also went over the 5 Scaling Mind Techniques, mastering these is something that can take you from $0 to Millions.


Day 3 was Internet Business where we learn our foundation. Some of the business models will be optional as we expand and learn more.


For some reason I was so tired this week! So naps ended up turning into sleep, so I didn’t get very far :(. But I’ll make it up!


I haven’t heard from them yet to get the further access, so I’ll wait a bit longer before the next steps. Not sure why it takes so long, but definitely don’t want to have to cancel, but will if need be.

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May 24th, 2017 by editor

I finished the initial 21 days & passed the certification test! I’m waiting for the phone call & access to Facebook group.


Now I’m going to take my time…but not TOO much time…going through the initial course again & build upon it with the additional lessons & trainings.


So today was Day 0 & Lesson 1. This isn’t a training per se but more on mindset.


The first video was about Gratitude and how we need to be grateful in everything and every day. That when we get down and discouraged to look at the positives we DO have.


The second one was about sacrifice which isn’t a ritual but what are we willing to give up/change in order to make our dreams and goals come to fruition.


Yes we still need to have social interaction and take breaks to enjoy a TV show. BUT especially with DVRs, most networks streaming their shows, services like Hulu available, we don’t have to watch EVERYTHING “live”. Yes we’ll be “behind” but if we smash our goals and dreams we’ll be ahead of everyone else who knows every thing about every show out there!


The third is about failure. No one masters everything they do the first time the attempt it. So we have to not let failure keep us down. We need to learn from it & keep going.


The fourth video was the F word…FOCUS! Not only on the task at hand but on ONE THING AT A TIME! This is a hard one for me! I want to get 50 balls rolling so by the end I’ll have that foundation and first dollars rolling in.


The last was about goals and how he sets himself up to achieve. He introduced us to his PEG method of breaking down goals and seeing what he has at hand to be able to achieve them. Also to see what is keeping you from achieiving those so you can see how to overcome that.


This is one thing I never got to last time, so I’ll definitely get that done this time around.

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May 24th, 2017 by editor

Round 2 will run 05.23-07.06.


I will be working on several baby steps to become lifestyle changes.


One of the big ones is having TV on as background noise. I currently don’t have a physical TV but use apps like Sling & Hulu.


So I want to work on, is not relying on that, but using Podcasts, YouTube & music to fill in when I’m reading & writing.


When I need to watch TV, it’ll be scheduled. I’ll have to have worked on my business 1-4 hours, depending on if I worked or was off. No more watching while working.


I’m also trying not to get into all the shows starting up!


Reducing time on Social Media (non-work related). I get swept up into things  very easily, so will work on limiting that. Checking responses to posts, doing birthdays & get off!


My goal by the end of this round, is to be earning at least $1,500-$2,000 a month, which has been my goal from the gate! This is $50-67 a day. I KNOW I can do that with proper focus! And I WILL have it this round!

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May 24th, 2017 by editor

This last week I attempted to recover from the closing train!


The last few lessons in Lurn were pretty short & several were just recaps.


Finished all 21 days of lessons & passed the test! Only missed one question! The only one I didn’t have from memory or in my notes! I was debating between two answers should have gone with the second one! LOL!


Then I should get to the group in a day or two…whenever they contact me & continue this mission!


Tiffany’s challenge has gotten off to a slow start, only because of her son’s end of year activities. So that should be picking up soon.


Round 2 starts tomorrow & runs through July 6th. I hope to take better notes! Even if I don’t update my post, at least put it in my calendar so I remember what I did that day when I get around to posting about it!


Round 3 will be July 7th through August 20th.


A few months ago I tried to do a 6 month goal challenge, but dabbling & playing threw me off the game. That was to have ended August 29th. So I’ll be about a week ahead with everything going right!


But that will be in the next post!



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May 14th, 2017 by editor

Day 0

The first set of videos fall under Day 0.


These are designed to help you get your mindset straight.


Some of it may seem like “yes yes I know” but we may know, but we aren’t doing.


The first video is to remind us that we we need to have gratitude daily. How to look at the “negative” and make it positive.


The second video is about sacrifice, which for a lot of us, kills the “I have no time” excuse. As it’s the wasted time we need to look at & reevaluate.


The third is turning failure into positives & growth experiences.


The fourth is the F word…FOCUS! This is the hardest part for many of us. Not just the TV show or that Facebook post, but also trying to set up 18 million projects at once.


And the last and longest video is how he sets and creates his goals, so I’ll be working on breaking them down as he showed.


Day 1 was a video of a hair over an hour, it is to help get your mind focused & set for not only the next 21 days but also the months & years to come!


Day 2 was a short video & to make sure you had done Day 1


I missed the Welcome Videos on the main page so I’ve gone back to watch those.


I am caught up on the videos through Day 6. These are going over figuring out what Niche you’ll be in as well as learning the basic format of businesses and monetization.


I have caught up to the last posted lesson, which is 13.


The last few lessons are on getting your Autoresponder & the butter of your business!


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May 14th, 2017 by editor
Last week, I purchased a WSO that I had passed over before because it seemed to be one of those “too good to be true” ones. And yes that’s with me having purchased some of those in the past! And that’s what sparked me to decide to make this space a review type section…then things change
My friend who advised that the above mentioned WSO was actually worth looking at, made mention of another WSO that you could use in your follow up series.
So I went to Offersauce to look up this WSO, in doing so, I saw another one that caught my eye.
This particular WSO, is more of a donation/training dealio. Anik Singal is using this as a way for us to test drive his program while helping Entrepreneurs in Africa.
He went from 18 months of struggle to having an unknown person show him what to do &  he made his first $300 online which took him to over $120M in sales. His first 6 years, he earned $10M.
The test drive is 21 days that allows you to learn what he does every day to earn money & then if you stay you’ll have weekly coaching & continued lessons to build & grow your business.
At the end, I would love to earn at least $500. I would truly love to get his first year results! $10K within 60 days & $100K 4 months after that & get that $1M mark! But even just to get to $10K would be beyond awesome!
I’ll be working on this as well as ETSY over the next few weeks to end Round 1. Then I’ll decide on Round 2, if I’m going to continue with just these two or add something.
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May 14th, 2017 by editor

Saturday 05.06

Today I finally got around to pulling the carpet from my room. The house we rent we’ve been slowly pulling up the carpet out of the rooms & we finally hit the last two rooms.


I still have to go through getting the glue up but I’ll get that done over the next few weeks.


So I didn’t get done what I wanted to. Anik had a webinar today so will need to see if he is having a replay.


That carpet pulling & furniture moving about did me in! Tiring!


This week  worked on catching up with Anik’s training.


Something else happened this week! An Internet Marketer that I’ve followed pretty much from the first time I saw her on WF, Tiffany Lambert, changed her business set up.


She had various branches of her business including challenges/trainings, they ranged in price from around $17 to about $67. When she first started, she was mentored by someone for free. He never asked her for a dime, but in return, when she wanted to purchase something, she would request that he obtain an affiliate link so she could get him a small commission as a thank you.


So that is what she is going to do, it’s a trial run right now, but if it is positive, then she’ll keep teaching us.


So we’re learning from the ground up about Internet Marketing. She’ll still have her past trainings up, so we’ll still have access to those.


So I’ll be working on both aspects here. As long as my schedule stays normal, I’ll be able to juggle everything.



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May 6th, 2017 by editor

Saturday 04.29


Woke up feeling A LOT better! It was hard the last few days being hungry but not wanting to eat much. Still have a bit of a sore throat, but I woke up like I actually slept instead of dragging like I had the last few days.


I think I’ll be OK for work today.


I didn’t get anything done on my business as I was getting somethings together to get ready for next week.


I’m off Monday & Tuesday to go into my off weekend, but close, so hope to get a lot done on those days, as I have to make up for last weeks sickness!


Sunday 04.30


I slept in as I was still groggy. The previous few days if I was “up” too long, I’d get real tired, so had been sleeping as late as possible before I needed to be up and get ready.


Was beat after work so didn’t get anything done.


Monday 05.01


Feeling 90% better! I slept in but did not have the grogginess of the previous few days. I think my appetite is back! Hopefully I won’t have a set back tomorrow!


Today we had an active shooter in DFW so I followed that while catching up on emails & trying to update my blog.


Part of my income will be to create additional passive streams as well as utilizing products to grow my sites. So I spent time, apparently a lot of time, trying to write a post to explain it.


Some of the streams may turn into Full-Time sources, others will always only be Part-Time or will be used to help grow my business (i.e. paid traffic or outsourcing).


Tuesday 05.02


I couldn’t sleep last night, so didn’t get to bed until around 3 & slept until 11. Dragged the AM with chores.


Finally got to Day 1 of Tiffany’s challenge. While waiting for Day 2 to post & my planned continuation of ETSY, I came across a post on Facebook about a series of emails a marketer released that can be used for a WSO I recently purchased.


In doing so, I noticed another one that caught my eye. Basically you are able to test drive the training for 21 days for a $5 donation to help raise money for entrepreneurs in Africa. And if you stay, then you pay the monthly membership fee.


While it’s possible to earn within the 21 days, the main focus is to get your mindset & focus straight in those 21 days so that regardless of what you do to create your business, you succeed.


I’ll still continue with ETSY, but also will be working on this. Everything is aimed to focus on around an hour a day, so you’re not overwhelmed in needing to have 18,000 hours to devote daily.


I originally had other little streams I was looking at setting up, but those are on the back burner for now.


Wednesday 05.03


I continued the next lessons in Anik’s training.


Thursday 05.04

Extra beat from closing so  got up late


Friday 05.05

I originally was to have closed, but a co-worker needed to switch, so ended up a mid. With the long week, I laid down & my nap turned into sleep.


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