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Sorry I’ve Been Quiet!

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’ve updated!


Not much positive to report unfortunately! I hadn’t made a lot of progress. I had been continuing to go back and forth between models.


The last week or so, I was introduced to Adam Short. He’s been noted as one of the original niche marketers. He provided some awesome training for FREE! Unfortunately his additional training is out of my current pricing, however, it is something one can DEFINITELY run with.


Even the Webinar was full of ACTIONABLE information. He also provided some additional tools for free!


After the Webinar,  I decided that I would use that training along with some other training to get started.


I also RESTARTED to start Friday the 23rd. Thursday was one of my off days & I had errands to run. So knowing this, I didn’t expect to be very productive on Thursday and I wasn’t.


There are 191 days as of the 23rd left in the year, so a hair over 6 months. So with Round 2 restarting + 2 more rounds, will be 6 weeks plus 3 days. The last round will be a full 8 weeks running through December 30th. Taking New Years Eve “off” to get ready to crush 2018.


These last 6 months, I HAVE to CRUSH! I am tired of missing out, of having to keep pushing the same goals into ANOTHER year.


I’ve heard a millions times, it only takes an hour a day for 90 days. I was on a Webinar the other night that reiterated this.


That is my goal these next 2 rounds no matter what I work one HOUR of FOCUSED work a day at a minimum.

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