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Round 2 2017

Round 2 will run 05.23-07.06.


I will be working on several baby steps to become lifestyle changes.


One of the big ones is having TV on as background noise. I currently don’t have a physical TV but use apps like Sling & Hulu.


So I want to work on, is not relying on that, but using Podcasts, YouTube & music to fill in when I’m reading & writing.


When I need to watch TV, it’ll be scheduled. I’ll have to have worked on my business 1-4 hours, depending on if I worked or was off. No more watching while working.


I’m also trying not to get into all the shows starting up!


Reducing time on Social Media (non-work related). I get swept up into things  very easily, so will work on limiting that. Checking responses to posts, doing birthdays & get off!


My goal by the end of this round, is to be earning at least $1,500-$2,000 a month, which has been my goal from the gate! This is $50-67 a day. I KNOW I can do that with proper focus! And I WILL have it this round!

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