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Distance between dreams and reality

Recalculated my journey FINAL time!

When I redid my Journey for the rest of 2017, a bit over a week ago, I said I wasn’t going to re-calculate anything, but I did!


I was thinking today after looking at a few things, that 90 days is a LONG time! That I needed to break things down into smaller pieces.


So I decided to go with 45 days. This will allow me time to get through trainings and allow for 30 day set up/execution. Of course some trainings will take less time & others will be a daily “follow me” dealio. BUT because of the work schedule I may need a couple of days to get through some. For instance, I might only have time to watch the video & maybe start a bit of the homework. So the next day(s) will be doing the homework, etc.


So for the rest of 2017, this is the breakdown:

Round 1 04.08-05.22

Round 2 05.23-07.06

Round 3 07.07-08.20

Round 4 08-21-10.04

Round 5 10.05-11.18

Round 6 11.19-12.31


I hope this will help me with my focus & help reduce my procrastination! As they say, a goal only takes as long as you allow! By the end of Round 1 I want to be earning at least $1,000 a month through ETSY.

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