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No Excuses Only Results!

I just did something that Google will be like WTF?


I renamed the last few posts, so no you’re not losing it!


I had the thought the other day & yesterday decided to go for it.


I want to be making $3,000-$5,000 minimum from these projects. So this first month will be getting my feet wet, & I really want to be able to match Lila’s first month of netting $1,000. Then grow the stores from there.


So by the end of January 2018, I want to be making regular sales & hitting that goal!


I’m also aiming for consistency not only in working the business but for minimizing the distractions I experience.


So, instead of having TV as “background noise” I’ll have music or podcasts. The  only exception to that is playing Spanish TV.


I need to KEEP a STRICT WSO purchase policy & keeping it only to things that will grow my business. So if I’m not working on CPA,  I have no business looking at CPA products. However, if I’m looking at Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube for traffic, that’s FINE to get a product on that.


I need to also get back my workout & water consistency.

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