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New 30 Day Challenge

I know I’ve been too quiet and I apologize!


I did start the $3K Challenge but let myself get and stay stuck! I WILL eventually complete it though!


Liz finally released her newest 30 day challenge and that starts today 02.26. It follows more of what I want to do so I think I’ll do better with it. This challenge is about creating a Product Empire.


For me, winning will be COMPLETING the challenge! And the icing will be having to have earned money. I don’t care if it’s $1, $100, $1,000 or $10,000! I want to know how to set up a solid business and then grow from there.


After I get this going, I’ll decide on the numbers as far as how many I want to establish and the minimums. For instance, I might want an overall income of $5,000. But as I grow each one, I may say Stream A will be a minimum of $1,000, Stream B a minimum of $500, etc.


My computer is acting up so I’m glad I backed up my documents. There were a couple that didn’t save properly so I need to try to fix them. None are that important especially if I stick to what I want to do.


I am expecting a rebate but as long as my computer comes up like it should, I’m going to hold off replacing it. As a worse case, I have my tablet and of course my phone.


I’ll update later as I get through the lessons!

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