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What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail

My Year of Facing Fear

My Year of Facing Fear…July 1st, 2019 through July 5th, 2020


I’ve been letting fear rule for far too long! I’ll start something and then let fear stop me from continuing. Or would think I can do something and then read on the WSO post something from someone that made me question if I could REALLY do it!


Well,  there’s only one way to find out…which is to do it!


My goal over these next 12 months is to build my online empire and keep at it. I want to build multiple streams with a goal of each one earning at least $2,000 a month.

Failure Brings You Closer To Success

The first portion is actually running a little over 7 months. I started it June 17th but while I’ve been doing *some* things towards it, I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted.


But I still have 4 weeks to get this foundation up and running so I can get the big bucks coming in the next stage!


The first stage runs June 17th through July 29th. The second June 30th through September 9th. The third September 10th through October 21st. The fourth October 22nd through December 2nd. The fifth December 3rd through January 13th and then the last January 14th through January 31st. The last being to put the final touches and plan the last 5 months.


I’m going to be studying some other things to help me in building the streams as well. However, I’m planning to work HARD on overcoming my Shiny Object Syndrome!


Not purchasing things that I think I MIGHT do. Keep purchases for things that have to do with what I am currently doing or have on deck.


I’m going to TRY to update regularly! I’ve been very bad at starting posts and either rewriting or never finishing them!


Thank you again for your support!

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