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Mission: Crush 2017

4 Months & 24 Days to go!


Sorry that I’ve been out of pocket! I’ve written a few drafts, didn’t like them, & started over–but still never finished!


The balance of August is going to be focused on getting my foundation up & running. I’ve done well this first week, not as much as I wanted because of working mid-shifts, but I’ve done SOMETHING!


I did sleep in one day, but I got up the other days when the alarm (really my bladder) go me up.


I had been working on getting through CPA Full Force this week.


I also ended up with TWO new sites the last few weeks. I had decided a few weeks ago to just pick one of the Niche Hacks freebie reports & set up a site. Then the other day a PLR product was released regarding online income, so ended up setting up another one around that.


The second site since I have PLR on, so I will have some content to get me started. But the first site, I’ll have to create my own if I can’t find anything.


The balance of this week, I have 2 opens & 2 closes then I’m off again. Then 2 opens & 2 mids then it’s Vay Cay time!


I have to get the 2 niche sites set up with a header, opt ins, welcome messages, about pages. And get a few posts going.


I need to finish CPA Full Force & get started on executing that.


I also need to finish going over a couple of other trainings.


I’m going to merge several niche site trainings together. There are some things I’ve learned from many folks that I want to implement.


It sounds like a lot, but once I get the basics set up, it won’t be as bad & overwhelming as it sounds. Thank the Lord for quality PLR & places to outsource!


I’m also going to go over Tiffany’s Use Your PLR Challenge again. I did it “live” but need to redo it all.


With the foundation I laid out for myself this past week, I KNOW I can & WILL get it done!

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