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Lurn Training Days 0-13

Day 0

The first set of videos fall under Day 0.


These are designed to help you get your mindset straight.


Some of it may seem like “yes yes I know” but we may know, but we aren’t doing.


The first video is to remind us that we we need to have gratitude daily. How to look at the “negative” and make it positive.


The second video is about sacrifice, which for a lot of us, kills the “I have no time” excuse. As it’s the wasted time we need to look at & reevaluate.


The third is turning failure into positives & growth experiences.


The fourth is the F word…FOCUS! This is the hardest part for many of us. Not just the TV show or that Facebook post, but also trying to set up 18 million projects at once.


And the last and longest video is how he sets and creates his goals, so I’ll be working on breaking them down as he showed.


Day 1 was a video of a hair over an hour, it is to help get your mind focused & set for not only the next 21 days but also the months & years to come!


Day 2 was a short video & to make sure you had done Day 1


I missed the Welcome Videos on the main page so I’ve gone back to watch those.


I am caught up on the videos through Day 6. These are going over figuring out what Niche you’ll be in as well as learning the basic format of businesses and monetization.


I have caught up to the last posted lesson, which is 13.


The last few lessons are on getting your Autoresponder & the butter of your business!


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