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Lurn Redo Week 1

Day 2 was the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp video, which is more on your mindset.


Mindset is so important because we can only motivate and push ourselves when we’re the Boss–or trying to get there.


We also went over the 5 Scaling Mind Techniques, mastering these is something that can take you from $0 to Millions.


Day 3 was Internet Business where we learn our foundation. Some of the business models will be optional as we expand and learn more.


For some reason I was so tired this week! So naps ended up turning into sleep, so I didn’t get very far :(. But I’ll make it up!


I haven’t heard from them yet to get the further access, so I’ll wait a bit longer before the next steps. Not sure why it takes so long, but definitely don’t want to have to cancel, but will if need be.

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