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Last week, I purchased a WSO that I had passed over before because it seemed to be one of those “too good to be true” ones. And yes that’s with me having purchased some of those in the past! And that’s what sparked me to decide to make this space a review type section…then things change
My friend who advised that the above mentioned WSO was actually worth looking at, made mention of another WSO that you could use in your follow up series.
So I went to Offersauce to look up this WSO, in doing so, I saw another one that caught my eye.
This particular WSO, is more of a donation/training dealio. Anik Singal is using this as a way for us to test drive his program while helping Entrepreneurs in Africa.
He went from 18 months of struggle to having an unknown person show him what to do &  he made his first $300 online which took him to over $120M in sales. His first 6 years, he earned $10M.
The test drive is 21 days that allows you to learn what he does every day to earn money & then if you stay you’ll have weekly coaching & continued lessons to build & grow your business.
At the end, I would love to earn at least $500. I would truly love to get his first year results! $10K within 60 days & $100K 4 months after that & get that $1M mark! But even just to get to $10K would be beyond awesome!
I’ll be working on this as well as ETSY over the next few weeks to end Round 1. Then I’ll decide on Round 2, if I’m going to continue with just these two or add something.
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