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To Live Like Others Can’t I Will Do What Others Won’t

This week sucked! I just did not do what I should have been doing!


I have no reason what so ever! I have got to get my sleep right! Napping when I get home way too long or sleeping in way too long! Then having “no” time to work on anything!


408 days…that’s how many days there are between now and December 31, 2018.


I feel like a broken record and how I’m going to crush it and not doing a thing!


But I have to stop doing that if I truly want to reach my goals! And that’s a broken record as well!


I keep talking but not doing! Every year I have a list of what I want to do but nothing to show for it!


I’m the definition of Insanity–doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.


The last few days, a lot has happened to help reset me.


I want my goals and dreams to happen for once!


One thing I HAVE to work on is less snooze! My schedule the next few weeks is still jacked up! So I’ll be losing an hour on days I’m set to close. So it will be EXTRA important to get up on the first alarm on those days. Every time, staying focused!


This current countdown to February will stay the same. Then I’ll 3 100 day cycles with the goal of taking December “off”. I want to have reached my final goal the end of November and allow December to finalize 2019.


I don’t know how I’m going to do the 100 days, I’ve thought of straight 100, doing 2 halves or 4 quarters. Kinda like a 12 week year. But I’ll decide when I get there!


So the goal crushing starts NOW!

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To Live Like Others Can’t, I Will Do What Others Won’t

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