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Introduction and Challenge Welcome

Those who have been around for a bit, know I’ve been trying to start an online income stream.


Unfortunately, I have let fear, procrastination, laziness, etc. rule. I have spent WAY TOO much over the last almost 6 years on WSOs. Now it wouldn’t be an issue if I had used them. Even if they didn’t work, at least I TRIED!


But I’m done with that! Yes I’m scared BUT I’m going to do my best to see each project to execution.


The amount spent each month varies, from one month where I only purchased one WSO and spent $7 up to a month where I would have to look at the purchase history to see & I spent almost $400 one month.


I know one of the higher months were due to a fundraiser where it was a donation dealio based on how many WSOs you wanted access to and one was a $100 coaching access. But still I’ve spent A LOT where I’ve either never touched or barely attempted.


But that is behind me, now to the future!


Even by stopping WSO purchases, I still won’t magically have the financial freedom I desire. If a training or coaching comes up, unless there’s a miracle, I won’t have the money to pay for it in full or even monthly options.


I have trips I want to take & need the money for those, as well as things I need and want to purchase!


As of April 8th, there are 268 days left in the year or 8 months and 24 days. I have the remainder of the year divided into 3 Rounds. I’m currently in Round 2, with 84 days remaining as of April 8th. Round 3 will run July 1st through September 29th and the last one, will be September 30th through December 29th.


I have two trips that I want to take, well really more than two, but the J.O.B. only gives so many vacation days! The two I’m looking at will be in Round 4. One towards the beginning of November and the other the beginning of December, so that will be 2 weeks “lost”.


My December 31st, 2017 goal is to have earned $100,000 online. As a newbie, that is a HUGE stretch, but that’s what goals are supposed to do. They’re suppose to stretch and scare you (in a good way)! And this definitely does!


The first thing I want to do, is to create a passive income. Now I want ALL of my sources to be passive, but I need to get the first stream going NOW! This way I can start focusing on creating a savings, paying down/off debt, saving for these trips & other goals I have.


The first project is to create an ETSY store, I want to grow it to at least $1,500 a month by June 30th.


The remainder of April will be spent reviewing the WSO and setting up the store. Then we’ll see what May holds!


Thanks for joining me on this journey!

All future posts will have several links for those who join at various stages. The side bar will get full, so will have to delete some out eventually. To help with navigation, there will be links to the Introduction, previous post and next post at the bottom of each page.

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