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Getting Focused

This week was getting better! I still had a few naps but did my work this week.


I’m really learning a lot with the Mastery Training! Things you never thought about or realized! And it all makes so much sense! I’m just about halfway through that training.


I still need to decide on a niche for the Writing Productivity Challenge. I’m going to work on that this week.


I have Credit Karma (pulls TransUnion & Experian) & when I pulled my report, I noticed I only had 2 accounts left. Knowing that reports are always different, I searched to get a hold of my Equifax report.  I found that you can get free monthly access to Equifax as well! So I signed up at their site!


So I just have to focus on this $800 to clear out what’s on my report.  I still have a couple of items that are not on there but I know I still need to take care of.


So that takes some pressure off of me financially as that’ll leave me just my student loan!


But because I’m focusing on this foundation, I’ll be a month behind on my overall financial goals but know I can make it up!

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