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Game Plan and Day 1

I created a simple tracker to give me a daily visual of how I am doing each day. Even though this round started a week ago, I’m going to continue the next 84 days.



Today started off a bit slow, as I had some loose ends to tie up AND allowed myself to watch the races today! Because I work weekends & currently do not have cable/DVR,  I have to watch around my schedule. But will need to create and stick to a schedule for my off weekends and when I open and the night races start!


I also need to reign in Facebook. I go in to do birthdays, see what people responded to that need responses. Then I see a post, then an article pops up, then some cute animal video, then I need to go to Buzzfeed to see what shade of yellow I am, and the list goes on and on!


Then the next thing I know, a couple of hours have passed & then the next thing I know, it’s bed time & I haven’t done a thing!


So will be working on reigning that in.


I’ll also be working on my TV watching. I currently don’t have one since we don’t have cable. I have been thinking that once my money gets into gear to get it, just for me. BUT another goal is to move out on my own, but haven’t decided on when. But Hulu & Sling are meeting my needs right now.


As I mentioned in the Introduction, I PLAN on posting daily, but sometimes I’ll combine, just depends on what is going on at that stage!


I aim to dedicate at least an hour on my business daily. Now it may vary depending on what I’m doing. As some projects will require a lot of writing, especially up front so I’ll need those 4 hours on my off days. Other projects, may only require 1-2 on my off days.


So as an example, I might have a schedule that looks like this:

If I close and have no ride in or work a mid = 1 hour a day

If I open = 2 hours

Off days = 4 hours


I also want to dedicate at least one day a week to personal development. I signed up for John Assaraf’s vault access, so want to watch the training at least once a week, prefer 2. I’ll also check out his Facebook Lives that are relevant. Once I get the money would also like to invest in his other training.


I need to get back into reading, so want to do that 20-30 minutes each day.


Today was tying up loose ends, so tomorrow we start!


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