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Road to success

First Week!

This week didn’t go quite as planned, but that’s OK. I still did MORE than I have most weeks in the last few years.


I’m going to work on better planning for next week.


I open most of the next 2 weeks & close the last 2 days the following week.


Since Writing Productivity is the current challenge, I’m focusing on catching up on that & the homework. I’ll continue the PLR at the end of this challenge or if I stay caught up, on the Writing “off” days.


I need to finish Day 1 of Mastery Training & do Day 3, so that will be my focus of this weekend & my off days on Monday & Tuesday. Day 3 is one of the  most important as that’s where the magic is shared.


I still have some housecleaning I need to do with the blogs, so I’ll try to work that in as well. But that’s not a need to do right now.


I’ve gotten my workouts in & am still working on water consistency.

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