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Days 8-14 04.15-04.21

Saturday 04.15


I made up for the past few days & got pretty far in my reading! Just a bit more then I’ll be done with the first one!


Sunday 04.16


With it being Easter, we closed early but I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get anything done when I got home!


I had wanted to get up early to try to get something in, but was still beat!


Monday 04.17

Laundry & reviewing a WSO!


Tuesday 04.18

Got a good amount of reading done on my ETSY training!


Also inquired about a chance to be in a Case Study! So we’ll see if I’m in!


Wednesday 04.19

Even though I did nap, I did finish the first part of the ETSY training! Will work on Part 2 the next few days!


I also found out that I do get to check out the Case Study! Since it’s not released yet, I can’t get into too much information about it…yet!


Even if I only average a couple hundred a month with it, it will help with my monthly cushion!


I downloaded the training & will start it tomorrow or Friday!


Thursday 04.20

Apparently I was BEAT! I laid down for a “few minutes” when I got home & woke up at 3:30 AM on Friday! OOPS!


Friday 04.21

Well, my tiredness continued as I didn’t get up until 11:30!


Cleared up my email.


Found out that the WSO I reviewed the other day isn’t being released afterall, but  I really liked it! It was about Focusing & getting your mind right for working on your business!


Saw today that they’ve decided on the date for Mayhem 2017! I won’t be able to get the Early Bird unless I find $400 in the next few days, but hopefully I’ll get the money soon! I have a few quick money WSOs that I aim to use to make the money quickly!


Now I’ll also have to refigure out my Vacation plans!


I got through a few of the Case Study videos tonight, I hope to finish this weekend & start on Monday.


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