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Days 3-7 04.10-04.14

Monday 04.10


Even though I only had 4ish hours of sleep, I made it through the day & didn’t take a nap when I got home!



I got more reading done and a late workout!


For some reason my laptop was giving me issues, so I eneded up just doing CPR.


Tuesday 04.11


Well the tiredness kicked in, so ended up taking a good nap. But unlike many previous weeks, I didn’t allow myself to get distracted by other things and go live on Facebook.


I got more reading done, not as far as I would have liked, wanted to finish the first book, but that’s fine. Hopefully I’ll get it finished tomorrow.


It was another late workout, so ended up doing CPR again.


Wednesday 04.12


Today was a half-smile & half-sad. I got SOME movement on ETSY done, but not a lot!


Thursday 04.13


I made up a bit for yesterday & got far in my reading.


Friday 04.14


Well I was tired from closing so did not get much of anything done!


I need to get back to my workout consistency. I always get off track when I close a lot, another reason I’ll be happy to be going full time!


I didn’t write daily so sadly these are short! Hopefully I’ll get better in the weeks ahead!


Also, I decided to break this down into 45 day increments, you can read more about that here.


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