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2019 Goals Crush 2019

Crush 2019

2019 Road Crush 2019 I’ve been a broken record for way too long! But I am on a mission to crush 2019!


I need to make fresh goals and stop making the same over and over!


I have several million (it feels like) blueprints of business models. I have about 7-8 that I want to pursue over the next few years.


They finally hired someone to cover the weekends, so I’ll now be M-F! I’ll still have some weekends that I’m sure they’ll have me work because of expected business volume. But it’ll be nice to work in things that are on the weekend.


Having every other weekend off previously, everything I wanted to do was always on the weekends I had to work! There are a couple of events I want to go to next year that if they are when they have been in the past, would have been on the wrong weekend. So I look forward to getting my money together and being able to go!


But before I can do that, I have to get focused and get that money from my business coming in!

2019 Action Plan Crush 2019

I’m going to do a 100 days to $100 a day challenge from 12.12.18-03.22.19. My Facebook memories showed that I updated my profile last year that I was going to do one the same dates. I chose my dates before seeing my memories! I am determined to succeed this time!


I’m also going to be strict on my purchases. I have a very short list, of who I can purchase from. Liz is putting out lessons for the $12K A Month. I don’t know if we’ll get 12 lessons or not. But whatever we get towards it, I’ll obviously need to purchase. And if Tiffany puts out any additional training.


If I do buy something, it has to be related to something I’m currently doing or learning AND I have to start it as soon as it’s all downloaded or I get the log in information.


The sad part of my WSO purchases is that it’s just been about a year that I’ve been able to get credit cards, so all I’ve spent prior to that, it’s been actual cash out of my bank account. And I’ve beat myself up many times over what I could have done with it. Savings, trips I could have taken. But what’s done is done. Looking next to earn it back with my business.


The last couple of days, I’ve been going through some goal setting/goal achievement videos. I’m looking forward to implementing some of the tips and mindset direction.


So I have a bit more to tidy up on that.


I’ll try to update at least once a week, and have a PLR package that I’m planning to implement, so will add those in as well! More on that later!

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