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Time to Focus


Cha…Cha…Cha…Changes. It seems they often happen more than we want and are many times out of our control.


Last week at the J.O.B. thousands of lives were changed with a few words. Several people were laid off and changes were made to the department I’m in.


I knew the changes to my department were coming, but I just didn’t realize it would be this soon. A few weeks ago, several people from other stores mentioned they were under a PILOT program. So that’s when it became real.


We heard that management wasn’t happy with the results, so we had thought that they would keep things the way they are, but that didn’t happen.


They’re merging us back in with Customer Service. Those who didn’t want to accept the changes, it served as their resignation.


I’m going to go with it for now, but this has lit the fire under me to get my rear in gear.


This weekend, I spent time getting clear on exactly WHAT I want. When I attempted to start this journey a few weeks back, I had a goal for by the end of the third phase of earning at least $3,000 a month. That is still my minimum goal with a BHAG of at least $5,000.


Nearly all my planned projects can get me there on their own, but I am aiming for everything I do, to earn me a minimum of $1,000 a month initially. Then grow from there.


Last week the changes threw me for a loop as I was processing and understanding it all. But I am ready to get focused! I no longer have a choice!


My original plans were to have my online income where I needed it to be so that when this day came a few months down the road, I would be able to decide if I was going to stay or walk away.


So now, I’m focusing on getting where I need to be as soon as I cane as well as looking at other opportunities out there.  If I can find another job that I enjoy, it will give me more time to put away my online business money for the future.


I will TRY to update more than once in a blue moon!


Let’s get started!

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