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Mission 3000 Focus
March 9th, 2019 by editor

Mission 3000 trainWe are all aboard the Mission 022222 train and the first stop is Mission 3000!


My first goal is to replace my income so that regardless of what the J.O.B. future holds, I know I will be OK financially. And the first step to getting there is the minimum minimum I want to live off of and that amount is $3,000.


This is going to be broken down to get to $1,500 and then reaching at least $3,000. This portion is going to run through August 11th.


One of the bad habits I’m working on fixing is not completing WSOs. I’ll start and get distracted by a new one OR one I already have and want to start.


I’m going to start with a new WSO by Stuart and Bart called Custom Template Treasure Chest. While there are tons of templates you can sell, this will focus on resumes!


The main book is 83 pages, with the last handful being their other products.


One thing about ETSY is that your costs are minimal, so whatever you sell will be mainly profit. Build a strong store and you can earn a pretty penny!


I didn’t get as far into CTTC as I wanted because I was trying to catch up in The Miracle Morning Millionaires to do my Lent. BUT I’ve failed in trying to implement TMMM, but will do a fresh start next week!


I don’t celebrate Lent per se, but had planned using this as a kickstart for some focus and habit goals! But 40 days is 40 days!


Mission 3000 AirplaneIn 3 weeks I’ll be on my FIRST vacation in YEARS! Even though it’s just a weekend, I’ll be actually going somewhere!


My last vacation that wasn’t a staycation was in the early 2000s when I was still living in California and would go down to LA to Billy Blanks’ gym. A few times it was for the taping of the TaeBo videos and yes a few that I was in were distributed. A few other times, I went down to workout at his studio.


My first flight was in September 2001 for a TaeBo Studio opening in the DC area. The sad part was that the only reason I was able to go, was because of a bonus we received at work AND airfare wars going on at the time. I stayed with a friend so didn’t have to worry about a hotel.


At the time, I had wished I had more money because I wanted to extend it and go to New York while I was on the East Coast. I’m not sure what you want to attribute it to, but in the end, it was good I didn’t have it. Why? I left DC on September 10th, 2001.


I’m going to Missouri for a LivePD Meet and Greet. I’m flying in on Friday and leaving Monday. I also have the balance of the week off. I’ve been on rotation for so long I messed up my initial request! Because if you want to ensure your entire time is a vacation,  you have to put in your off days as unpaid. So being used to having to do that I initially included the weekends in it! So had to retract when I realized what I did and redo it!


I changed hotels the other day. We’re planning on watching the show Friday night at one of the hotels’ bars, so I checked and they still had rooms (many hotels are sold out that weekend, some were even when I booked months back), so canceled the first one and re-booked. It’ll be more expensive (just because of the chain) but I’ll be with everyone. And I’ll check with folks to see who has an extra seat for the event.


A few departments who were committed had to back out because of new obligations. I hope they do another one and those departments will be able to attend and I can go as well.


Mission 3000 BudgetIt has just been being very tight and budgeting the last few months I’m able to squeak this out. But I NEED to change this! I want to be in a position to be able to say “YES!” to something 2 or 3 months out. To be able to say “YES!” to something I find out about at the last minute! And when I say “YES!” already have the money to be able to do it.


I want to be able to help others as well. If someone is in need, to be able to help them out.


I’ll be posting my next plans in another post, so stay tuned!

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April 1st, 2017 by editor

Sorry that I’ve been quiet of late. I’ve written several drafts but never posted! I do need to get better with that!


The first 3 months of this year, while I did make some attempts I never really got anywhere. I aim to fix this this month!


There are 9 months left in 2017 which is more than enough time to make my goals come to fruition!


Last year, I purchased the Commit 30 journal but it didn’t quite provide what I needed/wanted to help accomplish my goals. I think part of the problem was lack of focus.


One of the fitness trainers I’ve followed for a number of years, Chalene Johnson created a planner around her PUSH program. It does cost a pretty penny, but I am hoping this is what I need to get that PUSH.


I purchased the 3 pack last month & started using it, but because I worked a ton of mids last week, it threw me off, so I’m restarting it this month. Luckily I had only marked a few days so I just covered it up.


I have some financial goals to work on for this year. I have about $800 in a couple of debts to get rid off. It won’t make me debt free, as I’ll still have my student loan (kids deferments can come back to BITE you)!


One of my former NASCAR drivers does an annual trip with his fans.  In the past, they’ve done cruises, but this year they’re doing an all-inclusive.  So I need to get some money together ASAP for that! At least a good portion to reserve my spot as the balance isn’t due until September.


I also need to get a car, I was burned by a Cash Car a few years ago, so if I go that route, I’ll check with my co-worker who has a mechanic who sells cash cars. But if I don’t, I need the cushion for car payments, insurance and gas.


I’ve started & stopped several WSOs but I need to get a hold of my SOS & just FOCUS!


One of my goals is to have passive income. To know that my bills are covered and that I can focus on building other projects.


My friend Bart partnered with another seller to create an ETSY guide. I’ve seen them partner up before so I know Stuart is a good one!


I purchased the first OTO but may go back and get the 2nd OTO but I was running out of money! Even though it’s suppose to go up, I might go for it later


I love that they never do blind copy & you always know what you’re getting!


The FE is broken down into 2 guides, the first is 67 pages and the second 64 pages.


The FE has three bonuses to help you create more products and to help with your designs.


The OTO1 is 2 products, one to help you get listed on other sites and the other is getting more sales.


The OTO2 are some designs you can use.


I aim to get this up and going so that I can get some extra money coming in to not only help with the financial goals I have but also to help fund some of the other items I need for the projects I want to work on the coming months.


I’ll be on Vacation next week so this will be my focus. Once I’ve set this up, I’ll continue to work on a project I started last month.

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