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Zero to Six

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail

My Year of Facing Fear

My Year of Facing Fear…July 1st, 2019 through July 5th, 2020   I’ve been letting fear rule for far too long! I’ll start something and then let fear stop me from continuing. Or would think I can do something and then read on the WSO post something from someone that made me question if I […]

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Mission 3000 Focus

First Stop is Mission 3000

We are all aboard the Mission 022222 train and the first stop is Mission 3000!   My first goal is to replace my income so that regardless of what the J.O.B. future holds, I know I will be OK financially. And the first step to getting there is the minimum minimum I want to live […]

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Setting Goals

The Birthing of a Goal

Sorry that I’ve been quiet of late. I’ve written several drafts but never posted! I do need to get better with that!   The first 3 months of this year, while I did make some attempts I never really got anywhere. I aim to fix this this month!   There are 9 months left in […]

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