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September 24th, 2018 by editor

In my position at the J.O.B. I was sharing the duties with another lady. Well on Monday, she was promoted to a customer (as a  couple of guys have recently been calling it).


They hadn’t decided if they’re going to do another FTer or do 2 PTers yet. The next two weeks I’ll work the current posted schedule, the next schedule has me 8-5,


This past week, I did get what I planned on doing in, but still, have a long way to go!


Tiffany ended her Freebie training at 22 lessons, so I need to finish the sales page and then the last 2 videos which are on adding the emails to our autoresponder and then using the articles on our blog posts.


I did not work on my business as much I had originally planned this weekend because I ended up clearing out my emails and unsubbing from more things.


The idea of filtering emails is great if you go through them quickly. But some I haven’t received emails from in YEARS and others I had no clue who these people were! There were THOUSANDS of emails I just mass deleted because I’ll never have time to go through them all.


And with so many emails filtered, many were buried under others that I didn’t realize I had some of those filters.


I still have some in saved folders that I need to go through as well to see if there’s anything worth keeping from them.


The Freedom Fix–this week I need to finish up my niche selection and purchase a domain. I am going to do a general site for my first one and then when I do my next, I might do a review focused site.


I have a couple of niches I want to go into but am not sure how I want. If I want to keep it wide to where I can easily add on or have it more broad on a single topic.


The general site will have some reviews but that’s not the main focus of it.


One thing that was refreshing was that Erica takes a bit of time to come up with niches even though she’s done this for so long. Even though she may have a working list from previous research, she doesn’t just pick one, she goes through everything each time from fresh eyes.


I haven’t looked at the Growing PDF in full yet.


Quick Start Challenge–this week we had an overview of income streams but the training was mostly on our assignment which was to think about our why and how much we really need to earn to live the lifestyle we want. Our homework for Week 2, was to create a blog post detailing this.


This week the training is on List Building. Hopefully, there will be more substance.


I am still working on getting up and doing my morning routine. But that will come with time.


I have a friend who is putting out a new product in a couple of days on Low Content Publishing. She’s a best selling author and knows her stuff! Getting something like this even at an extra $500 a month would help me tons in my monthly bills and have some savings. So I look forward to the training in my downtime.


This pay period, I am looking at paying off 2 small credit cards that I have. Then in October pay off my bigger one. That will leave me to concentrate on a couple more bills I have, which I hope to have paid off by the end of the year.


I did pretty good with my water last week but didn’t get my workouts in, so I am aiming to get them in this week! At least 3 days in. I’m going to try to focus on cardio these next few days.


On the 1st, LIIFT4 becomes available on Beachbody On Demand, so I am looking forward to starting that one. In January the early bird for Shaun T’s new workout begins. They have started a new thing, to where you can try some workouts before they’re released on BOD. LIIFT4 was an early release and I didn’t early release on that but am tempted for Shaun’s workout.


Shaun’s new workout Transformation:20 will have the test group starting soon. One of my friends who is very successful with the Beachbody Coaching program is one of the test group members.


It looks to be a 6 week 6 day a week program for 20 minutes a day. I just want to stick t something for once!

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September 18th, 2018 by editor

I’ve written and rewritten this post several times over the last few weeks.


The beginning of September, the latest version of Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner was released. I had tried it in Q3 but did not remain consistent in using it OR my goals.


However, with this new one, I feel different about it. I feel like the new design resonates with me better. It makes me want to achieve my goals!


I decided to start my Quarter early and start using it now. The Planner has 14 weeks to account for Quarters that do not start on a Monday.


But I’m using all 14 weeks in this one, so it’ll take me through Sunday, December 16th. I haven’t decided if I’m going to start Q1 ’19 right away or not. But I have time to figure that out.


I have put as my reward for consistency is to purchase the yearly subscription which provides a discounted rate.


I have also now made it my goal to quit the J.O.B. because there are too many things I’m missing out on not having every weekend available. Nearly every race I want to go to falls on the weekend I’m not off. And even if we could switch weekends, I’d have to travel home on Monday for Sunday races, which would be her off day. And I don’t want that to be an issue on that front. And if the race ran into a rain delay, having the J.O.B. wouldn’t give me the flexibility to stay a day or two longer.


What sparked this was the Achieve conference Michael Hyatt started this year. If the tentative date stays it wouldn’t fall on my off weekend. Everyone who went this year had a blast and learned a lot.


They may make the recordings available they haven’t decided how to package them yet.


Last week I actually filled it out every day and a few days I put too much on my list, but I did complete the major parts. So I am very proud of myself!


Computer Problems! UGH!


A while back, my computer started having issues. It started giving me the Blue Screen of Death and then saying my hard drive was on its last leg.


Eventually, I lost my original profile but was able to get another one set up and that lasted me a few more months. A couple of weeks ago, it started taking a long time to start up and as the days went on, it would sometimes take an hour to boot up.


Welp, it decided to give up the ghost last Monday. I tried several things I looked up on my phone and nothing worked. Then Tuesday it wouldn’t come on at all! It didn’t even recognize that it was plugged in!


So I had to purchase another one on Tuesday. My plans prior to last Monday was to get a small portable computer or tablet that I would be able to carry with me.


I wanted something that I could work on my business at lunch or while waiting for the bus. So that ended up coming a month early!


What I’m working on this Quarter is setting foundations 


A vendor I’ve followed for years (and purchased nearly everything she’s put out) Erica Stone aka Sojourn on the Warrior Forum has a new Coaching. It’s unlike the Coaching she’s done in the past.


Her previous coaching programs were limited to around 50 people and lasted around 3-8 weeks depending on the focus she had for it. A couple of them turned into WSOs.


The reason they were limited, was because she would have you turn in homework, she would check it and then let you know how you were doing. Then you would get the next assignment.


That coaching was around $400. Last year, she did a Holiday Coaching and because of the OT we were able to earn in Houston, I was able to join it. And while I was doing well, I ended up finding it difficult to be original with my postings. But I do want to go back to it.


This coaching is a 2 for 1 at a crazy price! 1 time at $99 or 6 payments of $19.


I don’t know how many people signed up, but she’s not going to be able to critique every step for us. Instead, as we go along, she’s going to teach us how to do it ourselves. How to know if what we’re doing is working and how to make corrections.


What is unique about this training, is that while it’s a 6-month program, you get a year worth of blueprints. For this training, she’s going to do the work and then create the lesson and homework.


She’s doing 2 sites, one is building a site from scratch and the other is to revive (grow) an existing site.


The lessons will alternate each week, so we will essentially have 2 weeks in-between lessons. And when you finish your 6 months of lessons,  you’ll have the next 6 months waiting.


I’m also working on The Quick Start Challenge.


I know it’s crazy to be doing two at once at this stage, but with The Freedom Fix is a longer program and The Quick Start Challenge just 5 weeks of the initial training. And there is so much downtime it will help to keep me busy.


For instance, with QSC, our first assignment was to get our blog up and create the first post. Yes, some homework will take longer and others will be a day or two.


With The Freedom Fix, I essentially have two weeks to do the work. Some weeks it may take me almost the two weeks, others I might get done in just a few days. It all depends on what she’s having us do and how I want to work through it.


I figure this will help me keep focused and not check out every S.O. that comes out. And the weeks I finish early, I have other things I can read on to help me educate myself and make other areas of my business better.


The Freedom Fix is not a race or anything where you are ever “behind” because you do it all at your own pace. But if QSC homework takes longer than I expect that will be the priority.

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July 29th, 2018 by editor

Welcome to my journey to create a passive income in my online business.

A few weeks ago my mentor/friend Liz Tomey posted about a new
journey she was about to embark on.

She has been extremely successful for over 14 years in various
aspects of the online business world, but has decided that it’s
time to go down a different road.

That road is…true Passive Income. The true to be able to quit
your job and be free road.

So she’s taking a group of us along on this journey. The goal
being to get all of us to at least $10,000 a month passive

Our first foundation is a product from my mentor/friend Lee
Murray Funnel World. He’s been in the online arena for over 10
years and also has been very successful.

Obviously since Funnel World is a paid product I won’t be able to
divulge trade secrets, but the plan is to update the journey. I
haven’t decided how often, but at least once a week.

Liz is also going to teach us other methods of making Passive
Income along the way. And Lee is going to do some other training
to help us along.

The goal is that no one will be left behind. We’ll all get there
at our own pace, but whatever Liz has up her sleeves will be to
help all of us reach & exceed this goal.

I want to build on it by creating my own training to help people
do what I’ve done. So I hope you join me when I get that going!

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to being able to help
you in your journey as well!

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