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June 5th, 2017 by editor

I still haven’t received the access  nor has there been anything provided so far to make it worth the $67 a month. I could wait a bit longer for the access, but I felt like I was ‘hanging’. I had contacted them again and was told soon, but it shouldn’t take a bazillion days to do this. Even though there was still time in my month, I decided to just cut it off now.  It did offer the half-off, but I’m just going to cut my losses for now.


I have my notes from the training so I can go back through later & may look at joining it again in the future.


So I’m going to focus on ETSY, GearBubble & Tiffany’s training.

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May 31st, 2017 by editor

Day 2 was the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp video, which is more on your mindset.


Mindset is so important because we can only motivate and push ourselves when we’re the Boss–or trying to get there.


We also went over the 5 Scaling Mind Techniques, mastering these is something that can take you from $0 to Millions.


Day 3 was Internet Business where we learn our foundation. Some of the business models will be optional as we expand and learn more.


For some reason I was so tired this week! So naps ended up turning into sleep, so I didn’t get very far :(. But I’ll make it up!


I haven’t heard from them yet to get the further access, so I’ll wait a bit longer before the next steps. Not sure why it takes so long, but definitely don’t want to have to cancel, but will if need be.

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May 24th, 2017 by editor

I finished the initial 21 days & passed the certification test! I’m waiting for the phone call & access to Facebook group.


Now I’m going to take my time…but not TOO much time…going through the initial course again & build upon it with the additional lessons & trainings.


So today was Day 0 & Lesson 1. This isn’t a training per se but more on mindset.


The first video was about Gratitude and how we need to be grateful in everything and every day. That when we get down and discouraged to look at the positives we DO have.


The second one was about sacrifice which isn’t a ritual but what are we willing to give up/change in order to make our dreams and goals come to fruition.


Yes we still need to have social interaction and take breaks to enjoy a TV show. BUT especially with DVRs, most networks streaming their shows, services like Hulu available, we don’t have to watch EVERYTHING “live”. Yes we’ll be “behind” but if we smash our goals and dreams we’ll be ahead of everyone else who knows every thing about every show out there!


The third is about failure. No one masters everything they do the first time the attempt it. So we have to not let failure keep us down. We need to learn from it & keep going.


The fourth video was the F word…FOCUS! Not only on the task at hand but on ONE THING AT A TIME! This is a hard one for me! I want to get 50 balls rolling so by the end I’ll have that foundation and first dollars rolling in.


The last was about goals and how he sets himself up to achieve. He introduced us to his PEG method of breaking down goals and seeing what he has at hand to be able to achieve them. Also to see what is keeping you from achieiving those so you can see how to overcome that.


This is one thing I never got to last time, so I’ll definitely get that done this time around.

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May 14th, 2017 by editor

Day 0

The first set of videos fall under Day 0.


These are designed to help you get your mindset straight.


Some of it may seem like “yes yes I know” but we may know, but we aren’t doing.


The first video is to remind us that we we need to have gratitude daily. How to look at the “negative” and make it positive.


The second video is about sacrifice, which for a lot of us, kills the “I have no time” excuse. As it’s the wasted time we need to look at & reevaluate.


The third is turning failure into positives & growth experiences.


The fourth is the F word…FOCUS! This is the hardest part for many of us. Not just the TV show or that Facebook post, but also trying to set up 18 million projects at once.


And the last and longest video is how he sets and creates his goals, so I’ll be working on breaking them down as he showed.


Day 1 was a video of a hair over an hour, it is to help get your mind focused & set for not only the next 21 days but also the months & years to come!


Day 2 was a short video & to make sure you had done Day 1


I missed the Welcome Videos on the main page so I’ve gone back to watch those.


I am caught up on the videos through Day 6. These are going over figuring out what Niche you’ll be in as well as learning the basic format of businesses and monetization.


I have caught up to the last posted lesson, which is 13.


The last few lessons are on getting your Autoresponder & the butter of your business!


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May 14th, 2017 by editor
Last week, I purchased a WSO that I had passed over before because it seemed to be one of those “too good to be true” ones. And yes that’s with me having purchased some of those in the past! And that’s what sparked me to decide to make this space a review type section…then things change
My friend who advised that the above mentioned WSO was actually worth looking at, made mention of another WSO that you could use in your follow up series.
So I went to Offersauce to look up this WSO, in doing so, I saw another one that caught my eye.
This particular WSO, is more of a donation/training dealio. Anik Singal is using this as a way for us to test drive his program while helping Entrepreneurs in Africa.
He went from 18 months of struggle to having an unknown person show him what to do &  he made his first $300 online which took him to over $120M in sales. His first 6 years, he earned $10M.
The test drive is 21 days that allows you to learn what he does every day to earn money & then if you stay you’ll have weekly coaching & continued lessons to build & grow your business.
At the end, I would love to earn at least $500. I would truly love to get his first year results! $10K within 60 days & $100K 4 months after that & get that $1M mark! But even just to get to $10K would be beyond awesome!
I’ll be working on this as well as ETSY over the next few weeks to end Round 1. Then I’ll decide on Round 2, if I’m going to continue with just these two or add something.
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