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18 Weeks To Go!

The week went by quickly!   I had planned on putting my OT into savings, however, a chance to learn copywriting came & I had to jump in!   It’s through AWAI, I tried to go through the at home program years ago, but didn’t have the focus to study. It’s an accelerated course aiming […]

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19 Weeks To Go!

We were free to leave Houston on Saturday & we did!   Originally some of the boyz wanted to go the the Astros game & some wanted to go to Galveston. That was thrown out the window when they said we could leave Saturday if we wanted.   We worked until noon & then packed […]

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20 Weeks To Go!

Last week was a good week! The store they sent us to everyone is awesome! Luckily, the store wasn’t damaged & didn’t take on water. Its receded  but across the street, the business park & houses behind it were underwater.   We hadn’t seen a lot of the destruction in the area we are in.   […]

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21 Weeks Left

Not much of an exciting update this week 🙁   I was chosen to head to Houston!   In preparation, on the PLR Launch, since most of the videos were short & tip/FYI I caught up with those before leaving.   The trip down was good & uneventful. We’ll be going to different stores. Depending […]

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Single Taken Making Money

22 Weeks Left

I’ve only missed 2 days in August & look to close it out strong! I’m looking forward to September hitting & crushing all 30 days!   I finished the initial TeeXplosion, so now need to check a few tips & tricks then go through the process.   There have been a few additional tips already, […]

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No Excuses Only Results!

I just did something that Google will be like WTF?   I renamed the last few posts, so no you’re not losing it!   I had the thought the other day & yesterday decided to go for it.   I want to be making $3,000-$5,000 minimum from these projects. So this first month will be […]

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23 Weeks To Go!

Well my time off wasn’t as productive as I had hoped but I DID make some progress. So overall I am pleased with the week!   I did finish the Millionaire Booklet. One thing I’m trying to see his perspective on but I’m not sure if I’ll follow. That was to never purchase a home […]

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24 Weeks

  Sunday–Since I opened, I got off at 5 today. I was going to wait for the bus, but luckily a coworker brought me home. I laid down after catching up & my nap extended a bit longer than I planned.   But I did get something in. I started reviewing a product my friend […]

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25 Weeks Left

New week…new focus!   Monday–I restarted Tiffany’s Use Your PLR challenge since I’ll be using a lot coming up! It’s a 21 Day course. I also went over the lessons & created a text file listing. Most are under 30 minutes, but a few have multiple videos.   Today’s video was organizing your PLR, she […]

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Mission: Crush 2017

4 Months & 24 Days to go!   Sorry that I’ve been out of pocket! I’ve written a few drafts, didn’t like them, & started over–but still never finished!   The balance of August is going to be focused on getting my foundation up & running. I’ve done well this first week, not as much […]

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