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207 Days

As of June 8th, there are 207 days or 6 months and 24 days to the end of the year.   Sadly I have wasted the first part of the year. I started out looking like I had made a change, but it quickly went downhill.   I tried a few times to get back […]

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Dreams Work

Needed A**Kicking

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything.   I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would see all projects through win, lose or draw. However  I have not kept that promise.   I had thought I had found the secret sauce but was still off.   Every time I […]

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Dreams Work

New Focus in 2018

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!   2018 I AM going to get my WSO purchases in line! This month I’ve spent a hair under $89 as of the date of this post. BUT they are for people I am familiar with, except for one. I don’t know the seller but purchased through […]

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a goal without a plan is just a wish - motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

To Live Like Others Can’t, I Will Do What Others Won’t

Sorry that it’s been a while. I’ve started a post then never finished it!   I was going to do the 12 Week Year, then decided to do the 100 Day Year. I’ll have 3 100 Day Years & the last will be about 82 days.   This first year runs December 12th – March 22nd.   […]

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To Live Like Others Can’t I Will Do What Others Won’t

This week sucked! I just did not do what I should have been doing!   I have no reason what so ever! I have got to get my sleep right! Napping when I get home way too long or sleeping in way too long! Then having “no” time to work on anything!   408 days…that’s […]

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13 Weeks to CRUSH IT!

Well I passed the test, for the $20 daily method, now to see if I passed the transcription portion. That can take a few days to get back.   I’m enjoying the feedback from Sojourn as it helps me know that I DO have it. Just a few minor adjustments on a couple of assignments. […]

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14 Weeks to Freedom!

Have to get and stay on track this week!   One of my friends/mentors, Liz is set out to help people start their online businesses with a Business in a Box formula. Now through the end of the year (at least), she’s setting these up for us AND teaching us how to run them.   […]

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15 Weeks Left to CRUSH IT!

As some of you may remember, one of my goals is to also lose weight over this time.   I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself until the end, but I’m feeling weight loss so had to take a peeksie!   Down 4.4 & that was with a couple of bad days & not […]

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Possible vs. Impossible Goals

16 Weeks to Freedom!

This week didn’t go quite as planned. I had hoped to get further along but  that didn’t happen.   I allowed myself to sleep in later than planned and when I opened I allowed myself to nap to long, causing me to half-ass my work.   I have 69 days left in the #100DaysWithET and […]

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17 Weeks to Go!

This week the focus was to get my ETSY shop up & running. Let’s see how it went!   I didn’t take very good notes this week so  no good details!   I didn’t get to anything ETSY, but did work on AWAI.   Erica’s coaching starts this weekend so I’m excited for that!   […]

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