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November 13th, 2018 by editor

I remember hearing those words almost 6 years ago when I  was working at JCPenney. I was scheduled to be off that day but received a phone call the night before that we were having a meeting. Brian didn’t say what it was about, but I knew the day was here.


The rumors had been going on for a good bit, and my heart knew that was the confirmation.


Ron Johnson was still CEO at the time and he had used our store as the testing ground for the shops’ concept that he was creating. So what was once a 3-floor department store, quickly shrank to one floor (plus the hair salon on the 2nd floor).


Some of the ladies who worked on the 2nd floor indicated that the construction guys told them when the testing started, that the store would be closing. When they took the other two floors, it felt like we wouldn’t be able to survive much longer. The mall was barely hanging on as it was. A family of investors purchased the mall and they’re supposed to be re-configuring it into something that will bring people back.


While we had a few months before the day arrived, but it was still hard. I didn’t apply for anything until after the store closed. Luckily my unemployment was short-lived as I was hired a few weeks later.


At my current J.O.B., we received a new CEO a few months back, he had been with The Home Depot and most recently, JCPenney after Mr. Johnson was relieved of his CEO duties and he’s not afraid to make the necessary changes and the biggest one took place this week. 51 stores are closing, with the majority being in Canada.


While my store is NOT affected, for now, it does light the fire to hit my financial goals, because you never know what they’re looking at and WHEN they’ll make the next round of closures. My goal is to not have to rely on a J.O.B. to make ends meet. To be able to be in control of all areas of my life.


Control of how much I make a day, a month, a year. To be in control when I need to finance something. To have a “secret” where I don’t NEED their financing, that I can pay cash if I want!


I’ve added another training to my plan, it’s by Liz Tomey and it’s the one she said that she should have started us on. It’s the building of our Passive Income foundation to a $12K A Month Passive Income. It’s a 5-day training beginning on Monday.


The one she did last week was on Passive Income Membership Sites so I’ll plug that in after I finish this training.


If you recall from the beginning, our goal as a group is to get everyone to their first $10,000 a month. So this is part of our mission. And we can take this and get the stream to at least $1,000 and either focus on growing that or add a new stream the following month.


Here is what we have on deck!


Day 1: Getting Started With Your Passive Income Machine, this is where we learn how to pick the best niches.


Day 2: Picking Your First $1,000 A Month Passive Income Stream


Day 3: Building Your Passive Income Machine Foundation, this is on building a strong foundation


Day 4: Creating Your $12K A Month Passive Income Battle Plan after we get our first one set up and making money, this is where we’ll be setting up our future ones each month so that we’ll have out minimum goals.


Day 5: How To Run Your Passive Income Machine To Keep It Pumping Out The Income. This is where we’ll learn what we need to do in order to keep our Passive Income Machines running!


Finishing Up Quarter 4 2018 and Starting Quarter 1 2019


I decided to end Quarter 4 early and start on Quarter 1 2019. I didn’t realize it until after I made the change, that by doing this aligns with my May 10th goal.


My first goal is to get to where my current income is covered. Then go from there!


I’ll finish this week in my current journal and then begin the next 6 months on the 19th.


I’ll work a bit more this week on getting it set up and get caught up a bit more on some training.



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October 31st, 2018 by editor

The first few weeks of the 4th quarter haven’t gone exactly as planned business wise but I still have time to make things happen!


I have done really well with my workouts and I have 5  weeks left. I have not decided if I’m going to do another round until Shaun’s starts in January.


From October 29th through December 29th is 8 weeks and 6 days or 2 months and 1 day.


A few weeks back, Michael Hyatt released the recordings from his Achieve workshop. They sell for $147, but annual subscribers could purchase for $47.


The annual subscription was my reward for using my planner consistently. But I went ahead and signed up for the annual and purchased the recordings.


I’ve gotten through the first day recordings and will work on the 2nd day. There are some that do not pertain to me as they deal with working with teams, so I’ll put those on the back burner.


It is on my goals to attend the conference next year!


In the past, in addition to SOS I could never settle on a path to take. Even if I wasn’t buying crap I didn’t need, I would often look at what I already had purchased, and dabble into this and dabble into that.


I have settled into 5 streams I want to pursue over 2019:

Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit from any business

Passive Membership Sites

Low Content Publishing


The Freedom Fix


Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit is a 2-Part Webinar Class where she is teaching what she has done over 24 years for every 7- and 8-figure business she has started.


She has included additional training  and worksheets.


I would love to have a 7 or 8-figure business or two for sure but the first goal is to get to $5,000 a month. s


Passive Membership Sites is a new class Liz Tomey is doing. It’s a 5 day class to get us to our first $1,000 a month Membership site.


Low Content Publishing is a training by Kate Riley, to learn how to create Journals and other publications. Kate has stated she likes to have each journal earning at least $400 a month passive. I am aiming in the end to get 5-10 making at least that.


ETSY I currently have 3 training courses and would like to build each one to at least $1,000 a month from.


The Freedom Fix is the training by Sojourn AKA Erica Stone on building Amazon sites. This is a 6 month program. Each week alternates between Building a new site and Growing an existing site.


This isn’t just a do this, do that out of her head. She’s doing everything and documenting it. So she is building a real site with us and she is growing an existing site with us.


For instance, when we installed WordPress a few weeks ago, she had to do it 3 times. The traditional way of doing in your hosting company, her own theme she created and installing through creating a database.


The PDFs page lengths vary because some are more in-depth than others. It’s not necessarily written words but the necessary screenshots.


She’s hosting 3 webinars, to answer questions and provide additional information. The first took place last week, so I will need to watch that to see what was discussed.


So far, The Freedom Fix, after reviewing the PDF, the work doesn’t take long. I know once we get to the content, that will take longer as I know there will be research required.


Tiffany sent out an email where she was giving a discount of almost 60% off of everything in her PLR store, including the entire store membership.


While I do have the funds on my Credit Card, and there will be money left over until the next payday, I just couldn’t do it. The if something comes up, not having the money and the remaining cushion didn’t make me comfortable.


It reminded me for another reason why I need to get this going. To know that every day can be payday and not just every 2 weeks. That I have a cushion of savings where I can buy what I need/want and be able to pay off the card once my balance updates or whenever I want before the next due date and not have those “why did I do that?” regrets.


That is my goal, to have enough money to not only have my everyday bills paid, but to also be able to not stress when I need or want to purchase something. That I can pay it off right away.


I can’t wait to get to that first goal!

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October 9th, 2018 by editor
213 Days…7 months 1 Day…30 Weeks 3 Days until May 10th, 2019.
This is the date I want to be consistently earning at least $2,500 a month with a BHAG of $5,000 a month.
$2,500 will be the minimum J.O.B. quitting income.
My goal is to spend the balance of October getting my foundation set up!
Then the next 6 months build it, grow it and explode it!
I am working HARD on not allowing TV to be background noise. Trying to keep it as Podcasts and music while I’m working. LivePD is going to be the hardest because I live Tweet and Facebook with everyone. But they do offer it OnDemand, so if I break that habit that can be one of my treat watching.
It’s funny, growing up I HATED silence! I remember there were times when I had BOTH the radio AND TV going on at the same time. I used to have a hard time concentrating with silence. Even going to sleep I had to have the TV on.
Now, I’ve gone hours realizing I had no TV or music on!
My plan is to work in 50-minute increments, take a small break and then go onto the next thing. When I eat, I can watch a bit of TV, but time it. Because I can drag that out easily if I’m not paying attention and I need to treat it like I do the J.O.B. I manage to pay attention and get back within an hour.
While I’m not making my online income YET, I’m still losing that money because the time that I farted away, could have been spent building a business foundation or growing a business line.le
It’s not going to happen overnight, but I will take baby steps to make changes and maintain focus.
My first goal is to get to $500 a month. This will provide money to start setting aside for savings as well as be able to reinvest in my business as needed.
I’ve said this too many times over the years, but I’m finally ready to make it a reality!

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Dreams Work
October 6th, 2018 by editor

I survived the first two weeks by myself. Orders were steady all week and luckily I didn’t have a million and a half BIG orders!


They are going to go with 2 PTers to fill the position. Previously, they were going to add a PTer so we would have someone in the evening to help with orders that came in or when folks came to pick up their orders.


Hopefully they will work out!


Getting Fit

Back in 1999, I started doing TaeBo and lost a lot of weight over 9 months. Unfortunately, life came back and I never got back into my workout groove. So the weight came back and I’ve been gaining and losing the same few pounds the last few years.


But I’m determined to hit my 50th birthday looking and feeling better than I did when I lost that weight as well as when I was active in dance and gymnastics.


So I have a bit over a year to get this done. When I lost my weight before, it was 75 pounds in 9 months.


I’m not worried about a particular number on the scale, but more about how I feel and look. Also, my first time it was pure cardio. This time around, I’m incorporating cardio with weights so I’m aiming to look even better this time around.


I think I might have FINALLY found my soulmate weight workout. Joel Freeman created a workout called LIIFT 4 and it’s finally available on the Beachbody app. They had an early access option a few months ago but not sure if I’d like it I didn’t pay the extra for it.


The B4 the LIIFT are 20 minute workouts to get you introduced to the program. It’s not required, but I decided to give it a spin.


Now, I didn’t spell LIIFT wrong in case you’re wondering! It’s for Lift (obviously) and then the HIIT (HIgh InTensity) cardio that’s included in the regular workouts. And the 4, is because you do the workout 4 days a week so you can do whatever you want on the rest days. ca


I really liked the workouts I did this week so look forward to the longer versions. I was tempted to buy some 12s this week, but decided to wait a bit. He only gives a few seconds between exercises, so I’m trying to figure out if I should stick with free weights or go with Bowflex. And these weights are quite expensive! The cheapest I found 12s for were $28 and that would take a week or so to get to me. I think I found one for about $33 that would get to me in a few days.


But I’m going to do some further searching to see what dealios I can find out there. I still need to get a regular sized computer so I can print and such. This one doesn’t have a lot of room so even if I purchased a wireless one, I might now have enough room.


In January, ShaunTs latest will have early access. Right now the test group is going. One of my friends who is very successful with the Beachbody coaching program is in the test group. She won’t be able to discuss anything about it for a few more weeks. But from what I’ve seen in the teaser videos, is that the workouts are aimed at around 20 minutes and there’s some sort of board you have to use for the workouts.


The LIIFT 4 workouts will take me through November 25th provided I continue to enjoy and stick to the workouts. With those who did the early access, Joel created a Hybird to carry those who wanted to wait for the official release through. I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not when I finish.


While I’m not looking at a particular number on the scale, I’d love to lose the equivalent of 20-25 pounds this first round. Whether that be weight or a combination of that and muscle making me look like I’ve lost that much.




I really need to get back with the focus I had a few weeks back. I have to get caught up with QSC Week 3 in addition to Week 4. I got stuck on my freebie and I think I finally know what to offer.


I finally decided on my niche for The Freedom Fix, so now I have to do my WordPress Install based on Week 4 Building lesson.


And next week I’ll be 8-5 so I’m hoping that will translate to a focused week!  Then I’ll be my regular mids and then see what the next schedule will be.


Tiffany has been offering some free help this week. People were able to send her questions and she would answer them. One of them was about SOS. She is one who consistently uses what she purchases. So if she buys something whether it’s course, PLR or everything in-between, she doesn’t let it go to waste. She will organize the PLR and put it to use or start digging into the course, even if she only gives it 10 minutes a day.


That was her challenge to us. You buy something, start working on it, even if you only give it 10 minutes. Buy something else 30 seconds later or the next day, then you have to dedicate 20 minutes (10 minutes to both) and keep going until you get through it all.


That is what I’m going to ask myself each time I want to buy something. And that’s an IMMEDIATE 10 minutes. Not 10 minutes in an hour, tomorrow, a week or month from now, but you confirm pay, access your training and work on it for at least 10 minutes right then and there!


Even though they were purchased prior to this butt-kicking, I’m going to apply this 10  minutes to a few WSOs I have.

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When I lost all of my excuses I found all my results
August 26th, 2018 by editor

Excuses are nothing but BS! This is something that I need to drill into my head.

I make list after list of things I want but they haven’t been enough to keep me focused. 

Everyone says look at your WHY…make your WHY BIG! But I don’t know how to make anything bigger than what I’ve already listed. I’ll continue to work on it.

This week I was on vacation and I had plans on working on my business, we needed to add a phone line and apparently, that messed up my internet because it started to intermittently go out. They came out looked at it and redid the connections and it’s still doing it. 

I might look into seeing if I can get a box that has it all in there instead of having a router. When I first signed up they sent me a hardwired one and then instead of sending a WiFi box they send a router to go with it. 

But that’s just another excuse. Yes, I do have some training with videos and some that are PDFs or the videos were zipped to be downloaded. 

I really had hoped to make this week full of focus but that didn’t happen. But I can’t keep kicking myself for it. All I can do is move forward.

There is a concert that a group of folks from high school is looking at attending. It’ll be November 17th. I am looking to go from 08.27-11.11 to get the money for it as well as to spend a few extra days there.

And not only that but for what I want/need to do. What I’m going to do today is rework what want, not only for November but also for the next year. I’m going to try to list 1-3 reasons why I want to reach it. Some may have more and that will be fine. 

I want to see if that will help me with my focus. Instead of just having X goal, have what achieving that will do for me. And that’s all I have to do anything for. I need to make myself worthy of my goals.

It’s just me so I don’t have a husband or kids that would benefit, as that’s what a lot of the experts point at. Who in your life would benefit from you reaching goals?

And there are things beyond myself that I want to be able to help with.

So that is my Sunday focus goal!

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August 21st, 2018 by editor

I’m on vacation from the J.O.B. this week so I’m aiming to get some major work done this week.

Monday was not the best, I spent most of it cleaning up and clearing out. I still have a ways to go but I’ll continue to work on that over the next few days and weeks. 

I was going to finish Tuesday but decided to just delete the filters and take care of everything as they come in. A lot of the filtered emails only 1 or 2 ever came in or they’ve switched up emails so it had been a while since they emailed from that address.

What I want to do the balance of this quarter is to get foundations set up. And then for the last quarter of the year, get that income coming in. 
For Funnel World, I finally had Instabuilder installed. Now I’ll have to go back through the setup videos and get my Squeeze Page set up. I also need to finish FF set up videos. As well as go through the DFY Emails to check link setups. 

There are several programs further in the funnel, so I need to see how those layout in these emails.

So the rest of the week is scheduled to finish Funnel World training and do some other reading I have on deck.

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June 8th, 2018 by editor

As of June 8th, there are 207 days or 6 months and 24 days to the end of the year.


Sadly I have wasted the first part of the year. I started out looking like I had made a change, but it quickly went downhill.


I tried a few times to get back on track, but those attempts were short-lived.


I still have time to get the ball rolling and at least match my monthly income consistently.


While I have made a lot of crappy purchases, I have more than enough good purchases that can get me where I want to be and beyond.


One of the marketers I’ve followed for years is Tiffany Lambert. She does her WSOs as courses, normally they are $17-$67 and they run over several weeks. While they are “live” you can jump in at any time and if you do it 3 months, 6 months or even a year down the road, she’ll be there to support you.


Last year, she redid her Affiliate Marketing course as a freebie. She plans on starting another freebie next week. We are going to learn how to utilize a Business In A Box.


Another marketer graciously gave us access to the Front End of one of his products. It’s a non-Internet Marketing Niche.


She hasn’t stated up front how many lessons she plans on making it, but it’ll be the full A to Z nuts and bolts.


I look forward to completing this challenge and it giving me the confidence to completing other courses that I have.

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Dreams Work
April 9th, 2018 by editor

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything.


I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would see all projects through win, lose or draw. However  I have not kept that promise.


I had thought I had found the secret sauce but was still off.


Every time I think I’ve gained that focus I get off track.


The last few days several marketers have posted several things that I knew but at the same time obviously hadn’t.


One of them was to not only define your goals but also decide what will get you there & eliminate everything else.


Another person reminded to build a foundation before you do anything else. Don’t worry about 20 steps from now (i.e. traffic) if you don’t have anywhere to send them. Yes it’s fine to gather training & education, but don’t try to master it until you have somewhere to send them.


Of course the FOCUS has to be there and PUT IN THE WORK!


A marketer I follow recently released a training which basically is designed to help you get the clarity you need to not only reach your goals, but to also live the life you want.


The Month of April is to get that foundation built. I’m going to redefine my goals  & what I want my life to look like.


Many goal setting programs say look 5, 10, 15 years into the future, even in my 20s I had difficulty doing that. Most of my goals are immediate and the only “big” long-term goal I have is to have savings where I don’t have to worry about an income.


So whenever I go into a retirement mode, I’ll know I’ll always have an income coming in.


But this week, I’m going to really define my goals & how bad I want it. No longer just be in a wishing & a hoping state, but a DONE & ACCOMPLISHED state. To no longer being on the sidelines & seeing other people doing the things I want to be doing.


Their vacation destination may not be MY vacation destination, but to go somewhere on vacation! On a REAL vacation! To go on a cruise.


To be able to buy what I want to be able to pay cash for things. To be in charge at the car dealership. To be able to bless others in need. To be able to help others in need.


I’ll try not to let a month go by again without posting! I’m going to try to do it at least weekly!

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Dreams Work
January 22nd, 2018 by editor

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!


2018 I AM going to get my WSO purchases in line! This month I’ve spent a hair under $89 as of the date of this post. BUT they are for people I am familiar with, except for one. I don’t know the seller but purchased through a  friends link for the bonus he offered.


I am going to implement a “Wait Until Friday” especially on those sellers I’m not familiar with. I have a Notepad on my desktop that I will track anything I’m interested in.  Then when Friday rolls around, IF I’m still interested in it & I of course have the money, then I’m free to purchase it.


A few exceptions will be for solid marketers who have true scarcity. For example, Kam will put his product on sale for so many days then raise it to $27 or so.


But they will still be under the “shiny or business help” scrutiny.


The other day,  I went to the Warrior Forum to look something up. I noticed a new forum where you can document your journey to your goals. I started a thread on there.


I will keep this blog as well.


It actually started today (January 22nd) and will run until July 22nd with a goal to reach at least $5K a month by then. The program I’m starting with has a goal to get you to $3K within 30 days, so hitting the jackpot, I’ll be over halfway there!


Somethings that I do here I won’t copy over there! For instance, in some cases, I’ll be doing a breakdown on the sales pages in my implementation/review process. Or I may come across nuggets in a PDF or video that may not have anything to do with the course I’m going through. But is something that can help me currently or in the future.


What I am going to do, is an implementation/review process. The first one on deck, is Liz Tomey’s $3K in 30 Days. She was originally going to retire it, but decided to keep it around.


I aim to start it tomorrow. I had planned on starting today, but going through another training to get me started with this, took me longer than I had planned!

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December 17th, 2017 by editor

Sorry that it’s been a while. I’ve started a post then never finished it!


I was going to do the 12 Week Year, then decided to do the 100 Day Year. I’ll have 3 100 Day Years & the last will be about 82 days.


This first year runs December 12th – March 22nd.


I’m actually 5 days behind but I’ll get there. I’ve been doing some goal refocusing. I have an overall goal of what I want to accomplish in these now 95 days.


One of the videos I’ve been watching was a Facebook Live that John Assaraf recently did. It is The 7 Power Factors of Success. One of them struck me was under Vision.


He spoke about how our brain finds it hard to believe in long-term goals because we haven’t reached our goals in the past. So sometimes breaking our goals down into mini-goals can help us see that long-term goal.


So I’m going to try that this first 100 Days. It would be nice to make a few bucks these next 2 weeks of the year, but my main goal is to set up a foundation.


I still need to finish the Christmas Coaching, so need to get back to Sojourn this week on that.


So these next 2 weeks I’m planning on being focused on getting my foundation set up.


What I want 2018 to bring me:  To finish what I start. To not get wrapped up in Shiny Objects. To be smart about future WSO purchases. To have focused work time.


Of course, I have financial goals that I want to reach to help in personal endeavors, but the thing I look forward to is being able to help others. Whether I develop training or am able to help financially when a crisis hits or to help someone in a bind.


A few weeks back, one of my friends used one of the Grocery PickUp services. There was an error & they doubled her order. But she took it & financially it didn’t hurt her. That’s where I want to be. To be able to purchase groceries & not worry about how much they cost. To know that no matter what is on my list, I’ll be able to get it all.


If someone is short, to be able to cover their shortage. If I’m out & about, be able to pay it forward. To be moved to give someone $20 or $100 just because.


I look forward to some awesome updates in the coming weeks!

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