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05.13-05.22 Days 36-45

This last week I attempted to recover from the closing train!   The last few lessons in Lurn were pretty short & several were just recaps.   Finished all 21 days of lessons & passed the test! Only missed one question! The only one I didn’t have from memory or in my notes! I was […]

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05.06-05.12 Days 29-35

Saturday 05.06 Today I finally got around to pulling the carpet from my room. The house we rent we’ve been slowly pulling up the carpet out of the rooms & we finally hit the last two rooms.   I still have to go through getting the glue up but I’ll get that done over the […]

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04.29-05.05 Days 22-28

Saturday 04.29   Woke up feeling A LOT better! It was hard the last few days being hungry but not wanting to eat much. Still have a bit of a sore throat, but I woke up like I actually slept instead of dragging like I had the last few days.   I think I’ll be […]

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04.22-04.28 Days 15-21

Saturday 04.22   I got some reading in but not as far as I planned. I worked mid today & open tomorrow, then I’ll be on the closing train. So I have to really be busy & focused on my off days the next few weeks!   In going through my E-Mail last night, I […]

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Days 8-14 04.15-04.21

Saturday 04.15   I made up for the past few days & got pretty far in my reading! Just a bit more then I’ll be done with the first one!   Sunday 04.16   With it being Easter, we closed early but I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t get anything done when I got […]

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Days 3-7 04.10-04.14

Monday 04.10   Even though I only had 4ish hours of sleep, I made it through the day & didn’t take a nap when I got home!     I got more reading done and a late workout!   For some reason my laptop was giving me issues, so I eneded up just doing CPR. […]

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04.09.17 Day 2

Yesterday I finished getting some loose ends tied up and getting ready for the next 267 days!   A few days ago, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker re-released a WSO that Sean Mize did around 4 years ago or so. He had set himself a challenge to make $100,000 in 30 days. ┬áNo, that’s not […]

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Game Plan and Day 1

I created a simple tracker to give me a daily visual of how I am doing each day. Even though this round started a week ago, I’m going to continue the next 84 days.     Today started off a bit slow, as I had some loose ends to tie up AND allowed myself to […]

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Single Taken Busy Getting Money

Introduction and Challenge Welcome

Those who have been around for a bit, know I’ve been trying to start an online income stream.   Unfortunately, I have let fear, procrastination, laziness, etc. rule. I have spent WAY TOO much over the last almost 6 years on WSOs. Now it wouldn’t be an issue if I had used them. Even if […]

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