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Are You The 99 or the 1

Are You the 99% or the 1%

Are You The 99% or the 1%?


I’ve been in the 99% too long, it’s time to take my place in the 1% Club! I’ve been dreaming too long, it’s time to EXECUTE!


I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted Week 1 but sadly, it was hit and miss and Week 2 was also awash as my mind was on my trip!


I did get started on NonFiction Fastlane but not as far as I should be because of not doing anything last week!


But I’m getting back on track! Two weeks ago, I came across an ad from Dr. Eric Thomas about a new planner he created. It’s designed to help keep you on track by you assigning points to what you’re doing and then based on each month/quarter/year percentage you either get rewarded or have consequences.


This is the 2nd one they’ve done and made some changes from the previous quarter. They’ve archived the planner group migrating to those who signed up for the 1% club. Once I get my finances back in order, I’m going to look into it.


But someone in the group created a spreadsheet to help you track and luckily they did the last one before the group closed because I think it’s the best! I’m still waiting on the physical planner, but I’m incorporating it in my Full Focus Planner so I truly don’t plan on using it whenever it arrives.


This week back I was still in vacation mode and while I tried to get motivated, it just wasn’t happening.


I think having the spreadsheet is going to help me, when I did my numbers it was depressing to see how bad I did. But seeing the low percentages really hurt! And I want it to!


Part of this is that depending on where you fall at the end of the month/quarter is that you get 1-3 rewards or 1-3 punishments. And the person who created the spreadsheet added a column for hitting it after the year.


Since I’m doing this on 9 months instead of 12 I’ll see what that takes me. If I’m less than that, I’ll recalculate for the 9 months.


I’ll try to pay attention and update each week here on out!

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