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2017 Blog Profile

About Me

Welcome to Millionaire Sandie!


This blog started a few years ago & every few months I’ve deleted posts & restarted. I’m aiming that short of redesigns, I won’t restart again!


Like many who are reading, I’ve been searching for “the one” the opportunity that will get me the financial freedom I want.


Pretty much since I was 18, I’ve been looking for that income supplementation. I’ve tried lotions, potions, team builds. I’ve tried a few WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) to try to find a blueprint to learn how to build an online business.


Sadly I’ve spent WAY too much on this & it’s not all of the WSOs fault. Many I never looked at or purchased because I was “saving” them for later. A few I tried with no results or looked at & allowed fear to stop me from pursuing it.


2017 that’s all coming to an end! I’m no longer blindly purchasing WSOs, my list of allowed purchases is going to be VERY SHORT! I’m no longer purchasing “make a bazillion in 20 seconds by picking your nose” WSOs.


I’m going to focus on building a REAL business & not a loophole just to get me a couple of hundred dollars this month & it’s dead next month.


As we go on this journey, I hope to inspire those in the same position as I am in. And those who have achieved the success, to help & inspire us!


My initial goals is to replace my current income, I won’t be quitting the J.O.B. at that point, but to know that if something were to happen I’m good. Then from there, grow to a six-figure a year business.


Aside from paying off debt & having a REAL savings, I want to be able to help others. I hate seeing others in need & not being able to help them. Of not even having $5 to help.


Thanks again for joining me & lets get started!