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8 Weeks

The first few weeks of the 4th quarter haven’t gone exactly as planned business wise but I still have time to make things happen!


I have done really well with my workouts and I have 5  weeks left. I have not decided if I’m going to do another round until Shaun’s starts in January.


From October 29th through December 29th is 8 weeks and 6 days or 2 months and 1 day.


A few weeks back, Michael Hyatt released the recordings from his Achieve workshop. They sell for $147, but annual subscribers could purchase for $47.


The annual subscription was my reward for using my planner consistently. But I went ahead and signed up for the annual and purchased the recordings.


I’ve gotten through the first day recordings and will work on the 2nd day. There are some that do not pertain to me as they deal with working with teams, so I’ll put those on the back burner.


It is on my goals to attend the conference next year!


In the past, in addition to SOS I could never settle on a path to take. Even if I wasn’t buying crap I didn’t need, I would often look at what I already had purchased, and dabble into this and dabble into that.


I have settled into 5 streams I want to pursue over 2019:

Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit from any business

Passive Membership Sites

Low Content Publishing


The Freedom Fix


Sandi K’s Launch, Run and Profit is a 2-Part Webinar Class where she is teaching what she has done over 24 years for every 7- and 8-figure business she has started.


She has included additional training  and worksheets.


I would love to have a 7 or 8-figure business or two for sure but the first goal is to get to $5,000 a month. s


Passive Membership Sites is a new class Liz Tomey is doing. It’s a 5 day class to get us to our first $1,000 a month Membership site.


Low Content Publishing is a training by Kate Riley, to learn how to create Journals and other publications. Kate has stated she likes to have each journal earning at least $400 a month passive. I am aiming in the end to get 5-10 making at least that.


ETSY I currently have 3 training courses and would like to build each one to at least $1,000 a month from.


The Freedom Fix is the training by Sojourn AKA Erica Stone on building Amazon sites. This is a 6 month program. Each week alternates between Building a new site and Growing an existing site.


This isn’t just a do this, do that out of her head. She’s doing everything and documenting it. So she is building a real site with us and she is growing an existing site with us.


For instance, when we installed WordPress a few weeks ago, she had to do it 3 times. The traditional way of doing in your hosting company, her own theme she created and installing through creating a database.


The PDFs page lengths vary because some are more in-depth than others. It’s not necessarily written words but the necessary screenshots.


She’s hosting 3 webinars, to answer questions and provide additional information. The first took place last week, so I will need to watch that to see what was discussed.


So far, The Freedom Fix, after reviewing the PDF, the work doesn’t take long. I know once we get to the content, that will take longer as I know there will be research required.


Tiffany sent out an email where she was giving a discount of almost 60% off of everything in her PLR store, including the entire store membership.


While I do have the funds on my Credit Card, and there will be money left over until the next payday, I just couldn’t do it. The if something comes up, not having the money and the remaining cushion didn’t make me comfortable.


It reminded me for another reason why I need to get this going. To know that every day can be payday and not just every 2 weeks. That I have a cushion of savings where I can buy what I need/want and be able to pay off the card once my balance updates or whenever I want before the next due date and not have those “why did I do that?” regrets.


That is my goal, to have enough money to not only have my everyday bills paid, but to also be able to not stress when I need or want to purchase something. That I can pay it off right away.


I can’t wait to get to that first goal!

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