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331 Days

From February 4th through December 31st, there are 331 days left in 2017.

While that sounds like a long time it really isn’t, especially if you are farting the days away!

Whether you set your goals as 12 months, 6 months, 90 days, 30 days or any format inbetween, if you don’t do what you NEED to do on a daily basis, a blink will begin a new year.

You’ll look back and wonder where did the year go? Frustrated that you’re in the same situation as you were the year before and the year before that and the year before that! What seems like an endless cycle.

One way or another, I WILL achieve my goals!

Last week, I decided to break the rest of the year into 3 100 day cycles & the last will be 27 days.

I’m still doing 30 day goals, but by each 100 day cycle I want to have reached specific goals.

My First 100 Days

My first 100 days will be focused on building a foundation.

This first 100 days will run 02.04-05.15 with a goal of $2,500 a month & BHAG of $5,000.

Saturday and Sunday did not start off well, but that’s fine, I still have 98 days to go and a lot can be done in those days.

I plan on focusing and truly scheduling my day, especially my off days. The J.O.B. schedule determines how much time I have in a given work day. If I close, if I have a ride determines how much time I have in the morning.

When I open, if I have a ride home, determines how much time I’ll have when I get home plus the downfall…napping for too long.

While a rest after work isn’t necessarily bad thing, it is when you sleep too long. I’ve aimed for 30 minutes but often go several hours. And then I’m not focused when I wake up.

What I plan on doing, is instead of napping, get my workout in & then see if that wakes me up. Then if I still feel like a nap, keep it at 30 minutes.

TV Watching

I currently do not have cable at the house & luckily I can share some of my data for Internet. I looked to see if they had any cheap Internet only packages, but $44 is the cheapest. So I’ll do what I’m doing now until I get my apartment.

So I rely on the CBS App, Hulu & will probably get Sling back in a few weeks.

I’ll often watch shows just to fill time but will be scheduling them. For instance, Monday Night the Bachelor (I know I know! Every year I say I’m not going to watch, then get caught up in seeing how they cray cray plays out!) and The Wall air.

So Tuesday they’ll be posted on Hulu. In order to watch, I’ll have had to have done something on/in my business that day. If I was off and farted the day away, then I can’t watch until I’ve done something in my business.

I’m trying it this week to see how it works out. So the shows I watch I’ve put down the posted date, except for Hunted/Criminal Minds, because I open on Wednesday and if I get my work done by 7, I’ll be free to watch.

When I get Sling back, it’s all live TV and will be mainly for my Racing stuff, so will have to create a schedule based on if I’m off, if it’s a night race, one of the news shows/a special/etc.


I’m determined to make sure my goals happen! I need to be sure that my future is solid & taken care of because every day we are shown that we can’t rely on companies like some of our Grandparents and Great Grandparents could.

Some of them were able to spend 20, 30, 40 years with the same company. Now in many companies, that “veteran” status gets you out the door first.

Where I work, recently, they did some restructuring with management. It was something they tested in a few markets & have now implemented company wide.

So almost a month ago, nearly 3,000 mostly ASMs were fired. There are no more Department Managers (except for a couple of areas), they had to interview for 5 positions, Front End Service Manager, Back End Service Manager & 3 Floor Service Manager Positions.

Those who were not selected but are staying (heard in some markets some former DMs have already quit) have a year to find something either within the company or elsewhere, otherwise they will be terminated at the end of this Fiscal Year.

So while the stress of searching is in place, at least they know they have their current income and not a cut as they would on unemployment.

While this change does not affect my position, it’s just another wake up call that at any given time they can come in and shut down a store or say we no longer need X position or shake up management positions.

Many stores the morale has gone down because they fear the “what’s next”.

And over the years, there have been news stories where people have shown up for work to find the doors locked with a note that the location was permanently closed.

Even in the 90’s this was happening, when I first got into the Mortgage Industry, many of my co-workers worked together at bank that the day OF Payday learned the bank was closing. So in a panic, people ran to cash their checks before they all bounced.

And this was a time where things were still “good” for many people & people were waking up to news they no longer had a job because overnight the company went out of business.

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