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33 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Focus

33 Minutes and 33 Seconds to $33,333

As stated in my previous post it’s beyond time to be and stay focused on running my online business. I need to secure my future and my finances.

Back in February, I was focused on a goal that at the time would be 3 years down the road…on or before February 22, 2022, I would be earning at least $22,222 a month online.

Today, I was looking at some posts in a Facebook group and came across one with a twist on the Pomodoro Technique. If you are not familiar with that, it’s deciding on ONE task and set your timer for 25 minutes. During this time you will be focused on that task and that task only and you do not look at anything else nor leave your work station. Then you take a break for 5 minutes and then repeat until you have completed 4 work blocks, then you can take a 15-30 minute break.

The twist was one that Copywriter/Entrepreneur/Author Gene Schwartz used in writing copy and at least 9 books. His twist was that he set his timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. Once his timer went off, he then took a 5-10 minute break and then went back to work.

I’m going to aim for this moving forward. Based on that days J.O.B. work schedule, see how much time I can devote to that day.

With me having to go back to Customer Service, I think I’ll mainly be a mid-shift but may have a few opens as I will next week. Hopefully, I will not have a lot of closes as we have several folks who close nearly all the time.

The days that I’ll be able to open, I’m going to aim 3-4 hours in the evening. The days that I work mid-shift, I’m going to try to get up and get at least 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. If I have a ride in when I work a mid-shift, I’m going to aim for 2 hours in the morning. My off and vacation days, I’m going to aim for 4-6 hours.

I’ve fallen behind on my reading, so I need to get back to at least 20 minutes a day. I want to add at least an hour on my off days.

My first goal is to get $500 a month coming in, which will allow me to get some bills back in order and provide some extra funds to be able to get a car again!

I’m going to start with Book A Day Problem Busters, Simply Maze Crazy and Giant Evergreen Commissions. I have other training that can give me different twists and ideas for these as well. But I’m going to start with these foundations over the next few months and then go from there.

Buckle up….it’s GO TIME!

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