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25 Weeks Left

New week…new focus!


Monday–I restarted Tiffany’s Use Your PLR challenge since I’ll be using a lot coming up! It’s a 21 Day course. I also went over the lessons & created a text file listing. Most are under 30 minutes, but a few have multiple videos.


Today’s video was organizing your PLR, she provided tips on how to organize everything based on how they will be utilized. It’ll take a few days to get through them all. I have to see what they are all about & see where I will use them. Then decide how to break everything down.


I have a few more to download as well.


So I will work on that Tuesday as well as the next lesson.


Tuesday–I laid down for a nap that turned into sleep so didn’t get anythng done :(.


Wednesday & Thursday–Luckily I had a ride in, so I have roughly an extra hour & half or so.


Wednesday was catch up day! One of the Groups I’m in, she’s giving us a sneak preview of her membership. The trainings are only up for 2 days, so you have to watch in that time unless you join the membership. Not all trainings apply to everyone or every business, so it’s a watch what you need/have time for.


So caught up on days 2 & 3 of both that & Tiffany’s Use Your PLR.


Thursday–There were 4 Videos from Carrie’s vault for Day 4 & then I watched Tiffany’s Day 4 video.


When I was tagging my notes, I noticed I had two of the same tags challenge(s), so was going through to combine & accidentally deleted both! The only way to recover I can’t do because I’ve never exported my notes! Luckily the tag isn’t all that important as most are on old notes.


Tomorrow I’ll be catching up on the Assignments for the PLR Challenge!


Next week, I was originally to have 2 mids on Monday & Tuesday, but a coworker needed to switch hours. So I’ll have all opens next week! As long as I don’t sleep away the time, I aim to get some good foundations going into Vay Cay!


Friday–I had planned on catching up on the homework, but spent my productive hours catching up on the various trainings


Saturday–Since my nap went longer then planned, did Use Your PLR & a training by a lady I became familiar with through the 7 Day  to $1K access. I learned more in that ONE training that most webinars as well as many of these other 4 part trainings!


Sunday–Sunday is always a love/hate! I love that we don’t open until 8 if I’m opening BUT working those 2 extra hours is a killer. Because I have to wait on the bus & then if I’m tired then I often nap a bit longer than I should.


Depending on my schedule, I may have to cook for lunches, do laundry etc.


But I did get started on going through a product my friend Arun is releasing! I’ve learned a few new tricks & tips.


Tomorrow I plan on finishing Arun’s product, Tiffany’s training & hopefully the next video from Bursha will be available & go through that!

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