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24 Weeks


Sunday–Since I opened, I got off at 5 today. I was going to wait for the bus, but luckily a coworker brought me home. I laid down after catching up & my nap extended a bit longer than I planned.


But I did get something in. I started reviewing a product my friend Arun wrote on creating content. I plan on finishing it tomorrow.


One of the groups I’m in, the founder has a membership site. This past week, she has provided access to some of the paid trainings. Because there was a time limit on the access,  I had to watch the ones I was interested in right away.


One of the content providers, has a training series on how to make your ideas a reality. The first training was PACKED! I learned more in that one training then I have in nearly every other training I’ve been through.


I look forward to the next trainings.


Monday–Wasn’t very productive. I DID finish Arun’s book & did Day 2 of Bushra’s Training.


Tuesday–Don’t think I did much, didn’t mark anything down. Think I just tried to clear out some things to get ready for the week.


Wednesday–Up at 9 as scheduled, but spent too much time on Facebook in the early hours. All I really accomplished was laundry & finishing the Millionaire Booklet.


Thursday–Snoozed until 10, but still slow getting productive. I had a couple of Webinars that really weren’t that cracked up. So that was sad of wasted time. One day I will learn not to attend these things live. Since her program is closing, I didn’t know how much longer the access would be, so finished Bushra’s trainings.


Friday–Up a bit before 9, only because of my bladder! Decided to stay up & after a shower, purchased a WSO my friend Bart put out with one of his partners.  I had started an ETSY training a few months back & think I’ll go for it!


I also had to go through and change some accounts around because I’m getting rid of a card. I forgot to do those yesterday. I was also debating a purchase on Amazon, but it’s nothing I NEED right now, so holding off for now.


I still need to get to the store the next few days, have to make my list! Lunch time & then busy.


I finally have my Opt-In & Initial Welcome Letter set up. This way if people find the new site they can at least sign up the next few days until I finish getting content up & it set up.


As stated earlier, I purchased Bart & Lila’s TeeXplosion. The initial book is 131 pages with a couple of bonuses around 7 pages each. I also purchased both OTOs. I normally purchase through Offersauce when I can for the rebate. But purchased this through a lady I’ve followed for years because of a bonus she was adding for buying through her.


I also finally ordered some Bedphones. They are designed to allow you to lay down while having earphones in without being annoying! I’ve had my eye on them for a while to help me with my sleep Spanish YouTube videos. I tried just having the phone playing next to the bed, but couldn’t get the volume proper with our AC unit going. Because if the AC was OFF then it was too loud…LOL!

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